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Twentynine Palms, California
Letter of Instruction (LOI)
Access LOI Description
CAC 61-17 Security of Combat Center Training Area Boundary and Public Outreach Efforts during KOH Event
CAC 62-17 15th Annual Job Shadowing Event
CAC 63-17 Father-Daughter Dance
CAC 1-18 Mardi Gras Masquerade
CAC 2-18 Fiscal Year 2018 Marine Corps Marksmanship Competition West
Public 3-18 Twentynine Palms 18th Annual Car Show
CAC 4-18 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month Colorful Consent 5K
CAC 5-18 OPSEC Support Team Assessment
Public 6-18 Society of American Military Engineers Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Camp 5-8 April 2018
CAC 7-18 Twentynine Palms Junior High School Leadership Exploration Tour
CAC 8-18 Pro Volleyball Sandslam
Public 9-18 The Desert Refuge for Police Officers and Military Personnel 1st Annual Tug-a-War Competition
CAC 10-18 Motocross Jam Fest
Public 11-18 MAGTFTC Drone Racing and Dominance League
Public 12-18 Earth Day Celebration and Base Clean-Up
CAC 13-18 2018 Battle Color Ceremony