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Twentynine Palms, California
Manpower Analysis
T/O Management

1. Responsible for the completion of all MAGTFTC T/O submissions, both military and civilian, to ensure T/O change requests are processed in a timely manner and are in accordance with guidance/direction from HQMC.
2. Upon request, T/O printouts are provided for MAGTFTC and resident units.

Civilian Letter of Allowance/FTE Tracking

1. Responsible for the monitoring of the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Program to ensure that MAGTFTC remains within the allocations set forth in the Civilian Letter of Allowance (LOA). This requires continual tracking of new hires, losses, temporary hires and projections based on historical data and close coordination with the Human Resources Office, as well as MAGTFTC directorates.
2. The Manpower Analysis Division is the point of contact for the Civilian On Board Strength Report and the monthly FTE Report submitted to HQMC.

Position Management

1. Conduct position management surveys and studies of organizations. These surveys and studies include: reductions in and control of high level positions, establishing career ladder positions, most efficient organization structure, supervisory ratios, average grade, grade level distribution, supervisory layering, upgrade of productivity, ceiling requirements, duplication of effort, inappropriate division of responsibility and authority, long and short-term effects of organizational and functional job assignments, manpower utilization improvement and position structure.
2. Conduct position validations by reviewing position/job description submissions to ensure adherence to the above position management principles. These validations are to assist line managers and supervisors in their position management responsibilities in preventing excessive layering, outmoded work methods and improper distribution of manpower.

Officer Assignments

1. Coordinates the staffing and assignment of officers throughout the various directorates/sections within MCC 015. Upon arrival to MCC 015, all officers report to the Manpower Analysis Division for their reporting endorsement and further coordination with the command office for an in-call with both the Chief of Staff and the Commanding General. All officer AA forms are routed to the Manpower Analysis Division for endorsement by the CG, MAGTFTC and forwarding to HQMC (MMOA).
2. This division works closely with MMOA to ensure proper officer staffing levels are maintained throughout MAGTFTC in order for the Combat Center to effectively execute it's training mission.
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Points of Contact
LOA/FTE Manager
Comm: (760) 830-7390
DSN: 230-7390

T/O Manager/Officer Assignments
Comm: (760) 830-7348
DSN: 230-7348