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G-3 Operations and Training


G-3 Operations and Training


Twentynine Palms, California
G-3 Operations and Training

Manages the MAGTF Training Program (TP) and conducts service-level MAGTF combined arms training in order to enhance the combat readiness of the operating forces and support the Commandant of the Marine Corps' responsibilities to national security.

A/C S G-3
(760) 830-6492

Deputy G-3
(760) 830-7926

G-3 Gunner
(760) 830-3509

G-3 Training Officer
(760) 830-6142

G-3 Ops Chief
(760) 830-1815

Admin Officer
(760) 830-1830

(DSN 230-xxxx)

G-3 SharePoint Site (CAC Required)


Current Operations
  Current Ops Contacts:
Director Current Ops: (760) 830-4319
Assistant Current Ops: (760) 830-4737
Admin: (760) 830-6819
(DSN 230)
Plans Tasks: Plans Contacts:

Plans Officer: 760-830-1840
Deputy Plans Officer: 760-830-1040
Admin: 760-830-3096
(DSN 230)


Training / Future Operations
Responsible for the Block IV assessments of units prior to deployment.



MCMWTC Bridgeport

MAWTS-1 (Intranet)

Trng/Future Ops Contacts:

Training Officer: (760) 830-4318
Assist Training Officer: (760) 830-4790
GCE Coordination Officer: (760) 830-1882
Pre Deployment Training Program Officer:
(760) 830-4786
Training Integration: (760) 830-4796
(DSN 230)