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G-4 Installation and Logistics


Twentynine Palms, California
Bachelor Billeting Division
We, at the Bachelor Billeting Division, are responsible for the overall management, inspection, and administration of all Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ’s) and Transient Quarters aboard the Combat Center.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters consist of 20 Permanent Party BEQ’s and 6 Student/Trainee BEQ’s.

Transient Quarters consist of 15 buildings designated for Distinguished Guests, Officers, and Enlisted personnel traveling on funded TAD/TDY.

To become one of the premier Billeting Funds throughout the Marine Corps.

- To exceed all customer expectations.
- To be environmentally friendly.
- To be efficient.
- To provide safety and security.

Combat Center Order 11103.1C (BEQ SOP)
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