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G-4 Installation and Logistics


Twentynine Palms, California
Consolidated Material Support Center (CMSC)
CMSC Mission
The mission of the Consolidated Material Support Center (CMSC) is to perform the organic MAGTFTC property control function for Headquarters Battalion, Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group (MCLOG), Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group (MCTOG), and Tactical Exercise Control Group (TTECG); perform the MCAGCC installation property control function for the Combat Center staff and directorates, and tenant commands; and serve as the Combat Center Garrison Retail Support Activity for Combat Center activities and visiting exercise forces.

CMSC operates the USMC ServMart Store in Building 1102. Contact our ServMart Customer Service Desk at (760) 830-1932 for more information.

CMSC Staff
OIC (760) 830-5290 / DSN 230-5290
Deputy (760) 830-5367 / DSN 230-5367
T/E Officer (760) 830-3032 / DSN 230-3032
Warehouse Chief (760) 830-6418 / DSN 230-6418
Customer Service/Procurement (760) 830-6954 / (760) 830-6446 / DSN 230-6954
USMC ServMart Manager (760) 830 -1931 / DSN 230-1931
FAX (760) 830-5291/DSN 230-5291
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