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Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group (MCTOG)


Twentynine Palms, California
MCTOG Divisions

Operations Division

Mission Statement: Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group (MCTOG) provides advanced and standardized training in MAGTF Operations, Combined Arms Training and Unit Readiness Planning at the Battalion and Regiment levels, and synchronizes doctrine and training standards IOT enhance combat preparation and performance of GCE units in MAGTF operations.

(A) Maintaining a Real-Time best Practice Library
(B) Preparing exportable training packages
(C) Providing exportable exercise support
(D) Providing unit-defined Mobile Training Team (MTT)

Division Head: 760 830 8989
Division Chief: 760 830 8989

Communications Division

Mission Statement: The Communications Division provides Integrated C4 services, both exercise and garrison, to enable the MCTOG Staff to effectively execute the MCTOG mission.

Division Head: 760 830 1493
Deputy OIC: 760 830 3731
Division Chief: 760 830 1757

Support Division

Mission Statement: The Support Division provides logistical and administrative functions coupled with subject matter expertise to support MCTOG in doctrinal proponency, experimentation for emerging concepts, Battle Staff Training, and support to the family of Tactical MAGTF Integration Courses in order to propel the Ground Combat Element to perform beyond current operational paradigms and win on battlefields of the future.

Division Head: 760 830 8988
Division Chief: 760 830 3496

Instructor Group

Mission Statement:

Division Head:760 830 8192
Division Chief:760 830 7093

Doctrine and Standards Division

Mission Statement: The Doctrine and Standardization Division’s primary focus is to synchronize GCE doctrine and Training & Readiness Standards IOT remain relevant and consistent with USMC and Joint standards and best practices. The division participates in a wide range of symposiums, conferences to include NATO and Joint forums, working groups, Training & Readiness Manual Conferences, Course Content Review Boards within the Marine Corps throughout DOD and other external agencies. This division directly supports the revision of War-fighting publications and revision of all MCDPs. This ensures that MCTOG is at the forefront of emerging and new doctrine and maintains course relevancy and quality.

Division Head: 760 830 8991
Division Chief: 760 830 8991


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