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Family Readiness

What is the Unit Family Readiness Program?

The Unit Family Readiness Program provides support to the individual Marine, Sailor, or civilian contractor and their family to successfully balance life, career and mission events. This support is provided through proactive outreach and intervention using Official Communication, Information & Referral, and Readiness & Deployment Support. This support is extend to the entire family unit and includes children, spouses, parents and other extended family members.


What is the role of the Family Readiness Officer?


To put it simply, the Family Readiness Officer ("the FRO") works to ensure that all the Marine's family needs are taken care of so that the Marine can focus on his or her mission. 


What happened to the Key Volunteer Network?


Headquarters Marine Corps conducted a study that found our volunteers were overworked and overburdened. By having a civilian Family Readiness Officer (FRO), it removes a majority of the burden from the volunteers. This frees volunteers to support and interact with the unit families and participate in the events they enjoy. The goal is to provide our volunteers with more choices and less stress while maintaining that vital family contact.


What can the Family Readiness Program do for me?


Read the "Top Ten Reasons to See the FRO"


Top Ten Reasons to See the FRO
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 10.  New Parent Support
  The FRO can put you in touch with numerous programs that will benefit you and your new baby.  From childbirth classes to baby care, CPR, breastfeeding, and home visits, the FRO can give you the class schedules and points of contact.  Many resources are FREE!
   9. Money Matters
  Being broke ain't no joke!  The FRO can't give you a loan, but they can help you find someone who might!  Also, let's get you on a budget while we're at it.  There are classes available to teach you about home buying, car buying, Thrift Savings Plans, credit cards, credit reports, and basic budgeting - plus a certified Financial Planner who can give you FREE one-on-one assistance.
   8. New to the Marine Corps
  If you are new to the Marine Corps and don't have an ID card, haven't enrolled in TriCare, don't know what an LES is or where to find the commissary...go see the FRO, stat!  The FRO can point you in all the right directions.
   7. School, Work, or Both?
  Once you get tired of staring at the walls of your house and hiding from the desert heat, the FRO can help you find tuition assistance, get enrolled in school, find paid employment, or get involved in local volunteer opportunities!  Don't let boredom consume you.
   6. Childcare
  Okay, so now that you've found some things to keep you busy, you need childcare.  Come to the FRO to find out about all the options: on base, off base, wait lists, paperwork, home daycares, after-school programs, and more.
   5. We Are All Exceptional...
  ...But some more so than others.  If any of your family members have special medical or educational needs, let's make sure they're getting the care they deserve.  The FRO can direct you to the Exceptional Family Member Program or assist with day-to-day issues relating to your special circumstances.
   4. Family Counseling
  We don't all get along all the time - and that's okay.  See the FRO to get set up in a FREE counseling program that can help you and your spouse get back that loving feeling.
   3. Community Happenings
  The FRO is in the loop on everything going on around the base and in the community.  Talk to the FRO to find out what fun events and activities are coming up this weekend or this season!
   2. Deployment Support
  Deployment doesn't always mean a seven-month tour overseas.  Sometimes Marines have to be away for long periods of training or other obligations, and this can put extra pressure on the family.  No need to worry - the FRO can help when things go awry.  Call, email, or visit for help with childcare, medical issues, support, or assistance.
And the number one reason to see your FRO...
    1. Life Happens
Life has its ups and downs.  It can sometimes seem like everyone is there for the ups, but no one is there for the downs.  The FRO and the command are here to help you through it