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Strengthen your marriage through PREP

24 Oct 2008 | Lance Cpl. Zachary J. Nola

The Combat Center Chaplain’s Religious Enrichment Development Operation will be hosting a Prevention Relationship Enhancement Program workshop Oct. 30 and 31 at the Combat Center’s Protestant Chapel.

Chief Petty Officer Jeffrey A. Schadler, a religious program manager with the Religious Ministries Directorate, said CREDO provides active duty Marines, sailors and their dependents with  a non-military environment while helping them with issues ranging from personal growth and spiritual development, to marriage enrichment.

“CREDO and PREP are geared to provide avenues for creating and maintaining basic life skills at home or in home management,” he explained. “Not all programs are taught for religious needs or spiritual reformation.”

Schadler, a native of Covington, Ky., said the PREP class is aimed at building healthier relationships between engaged and married couples, while teaching those couples better communication skills and a better understanding of their roles as a spouse.

“It’s to help couples find satisfaction in their marriage,” said Lt. Terry L. Moran, a battalion chaplain with the Marine Corps Communications-Electronics School who served as the Combat Center’s PREP coordinator for 13 months, and has three years experience working with military couples in marriage enrichment.

Lt. Chris Hester, also a battalion chaplain with the Marine Corps Communications-Electronics School and the current PREP coordinator, said in the upcoming course couples can expect to learn the consequences of inappropriate expectations, how to be proactive, and communication skills, as well as other tools that will be helpful in preventing divorce, enhancing existing relationships, and creating a happier and more satisfying marriage.

“PREP is considered one of the premium services of today,” said Hestor, native of LaGrange, Ga. “They can expect to learn some things that will help them in their marriage.”

Hester, who holds a master’s degree in human services with a concentration in marriage and family counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., also said participants will learn the speaker-listener technique, which is aimed at helping couples cool down arguments so both spouses understand what the other is saying so they can move toward solving the problem together.

Hester also said the class, which is taught through power point slide shows, videos, lectures, and practical application, is not intended for marriages in crisis, but more to prevent crisis, and couples contemplating attending the class should not hesitate to attend.

“It’s a statement that your marriage means something to you,” said Hester, who is also a board certified pastoral counselor.

At the end of the course, graduates receive a certificate of completion as well as a chance to evaluate the course.

Hester and Moran, said they have both seen positive and encouraging remarks on course evaluation sheets, and encourage both new and old couples, of both the enlisted and officer community to attend.

For more information and for registration visit the Protestant Chapel in building 1541 or call (760) 830-6464.


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