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New rules for Imminent Danger Pay

2 Mar 2012 | Lance Cpl. Ali Azimi

Marine Administrative Message 085/12 changed the way Marines are compensated for the time spent risking their lives.

Marines in imminent danger-designated areas will be receiving pay at a daily rate now, rather than the monthly rate paid prior to the New Year.

The Imminent Danger Pay will now be given to Marines at a rate of $7.50 for every day spent in an IDP-designated area, with a maximum payout of $225 a month.

Hostile Fire Pay is still paid at a monthly rate of $225 to Marines who have undergone hostile fire events or explosions of hostile mines. Marines receive their HFP for the same month as the event.

Unlike IDP, HFP has no geographical designation in order to be paid. However, in order to receive HFP, the on-scene commander closest to the hostile event must certify that the Marine was subject to a hostile activity.

Those who receive HFP will also not be paid IDP for that month.

Marines were paid on the new IDP system for the month of January. Payments made following Feb.1 will be prorated if the Marine did not spend the entire month in the IDP-designated area. Marines paid in January based on the previous monthly system were allowed to keep the payment.

Marines are encouraged to keep track of the dates they enter and leave IDP-designated areas.

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