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Chief Warrant Officer 2 Randy Hernandez, company commander, Combat Logistics Company 13, salutes Lt. Col. Steven Delazaro, commanding officer, CLB-7 during CLC-13’s activation ceremony March 7.

Photo by Cpl. William Jackson

CLB-7 reorganizes battalion for efficiency

15 Mar 2013 | Cpl. William J. Jackson

Two new Marine logistics units were stood up March 7 during ceremonies aboard the center.

The activations are two examples  in a series of efficiency-chasing reorganizations within 1st Marines Logistics Group.

“We have to change with the times,” said Lt. Col. Steven Delazaro, commanding officer, CLB-7. “What we’re doing now is in preparation for what makes us most capable, most adaptable and most responsive to the units we support.”

The battalion’s first ceremony redesignated CLB-7’s Support Company to Maintenance Services Company. Transportation Support Company was assigned to Transportation Services Company and Engineer Services Company was stood up under its command. These changes provide the logistics community aboard the Combat Center a more resourceful way of working with Marines and sailors.

The unit names may be changing, but their mission focus will not. The new companies have gained and lost Marines but the overall outlook on the change is positive for the battalion.

 “We are shifting the unit’s support,” said Sgt. Maj. Michael Walton, battalion sergeant major, CLB-7, about the unit’s reorganization.

The mission hasn’t changed and the efforts put forth by the Marines will continue to excel, said Walton. “The Marines and sailors have done an excellent job.”

CLB-7’s second ceremony activated Combat Logistics Company 13, a new unit pulled from CLB-7’s ranks and reassigned under the command of the Camp Pendleton-based Combat Logistics Regiment 15.

“Even though we are a new company, they are not new Marines,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Randy Hernandez, company commander, CLC-13. “We've all been working together for years. I’m looking forward to the Combat Center keeping us busy.”

The battalion, along with CLC-13, will continue to support Combat Center Marines and sailors during deployments and training.

“It’s not any different at all,” said Capt. Michael Tatosian, company commander, Transportation Services Company, CLB-7. “We’ve obtained more assets. We’re more focused now for (motor transportation) but we’re better as a battalion. We’re more efficient.”

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