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Condors jump into new school year

27 Aug 2013 | Cpl. D. J. Wu

    The end of August marks the end of summer vacation and the start of school for many children. Condor Elementary School welcomed back their students on Monday.

    Students and their parents gathered outside the school and eagerly waited for the bell to ring, kicking off their first day of school. For some students, it is a new beginning in a new school and some are back for another round. School officials encourage parents to be active in their child’s school, especially if they are new to the area.

    “We want parents to know who their child’s teachers are and what their child is learning,” said Paul Gattuso, principal, Condor Elementary School. “It’s important to be interested and involved in a child’s school work. The more the parent is excited, the child will be too.”

    There are many ways for parents to stay engaged throughout the school year. Condor Elementary School’s Parent-Teacher Organization provides resources for parents and helps set up school events. The Combat Center’s School Liaison also helps parents find the right school for their kids and coordinates with all the schools in the area.

    “The School Liaison Office helps Marines and their families transition into that new school,” said Thomas Cruz, Combat Center School Liaison. “We also help parents communicate with schools.”

    The first day of school is a change of pace for everyone. New students are getting used to school, parents are getting to know the teachers and everyone is getting back into the “school” routine.

    Something Condor Elementary stresses is parental involvement, Gattuso said. It makes for a better learning experience for the students and then parents are aware of what their kids are learning and who they are learning from. Parents should talk to their child’s teacher and be involved. The PTO is a great resource for parents and they are always looking for volunteers.

    For more questions or concerns, call the School Liaison Office at. (760) 830-1574.

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