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Combat Center Marines hit the stage

11 Sep 2014 | Cpl. Alejandro Bedoya

The lights are dimmed and the spotlight hits the stage. The crowd set their eyes on the singer and begin to sing along. At the end of the performance, the crowd explodes into screams and cheers for the Marine on stage.

            The Combat Center Single Marine Program hosted a ‘Marines Got Talent’ competition at Sunset Cinema Sept. 5. The competition was open to all service members aboard the installation who were willing to show their talent.

            “Sometimes we forget that service members had lives before what they do now,” said Lovetta Scipio, coordinator, SMP. “Everyone has a hobby they do after work but this competition gives them a chance to show off that hobby and how talented they actually are.”

            Before the show began, the service members had to audition in front of a panel of judges. After surviving the auditions, they were offered their spot in the show.

            The show began with Scipio welcoming the crowd and the event host, Henry the Wise. With the spotlight shining bright, Henry told jokes to get the crowd going. The spotlight shifted and the first performer was introduced. The show was on.

            “It takes a lot to actually get on that stage in front of the people they work with,” said Lance Cpl. Daniel Logan, motor transport operator, 1st Tank Battalion. “But I think I can speak for the crowd when I say I’m glad they do. They put on a show and are actually really good.”

            After 14 performances ranging from live singing to card tricks, the show came to an end and it was all on the judges to decide who the winners were going to be. All of the performers were brought to the stage and anxiously waited for their name to be called.

            With the crowd at the edge of their seats, the winners were announced. The winners of the competition were ‘3 Guys from Alpha’ from Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School, who executed a live acoustic performance.

            Seaman Anthony Roxas, singer and guitarist, placed second in the competition. He performed an acoustic version of Michael Jackson hits.

            Third place was Cpl. Andrew Burch, singer and guitarist. He performed an acoustic version of ‘Hallelujah’ by Jeff Buckley.

            The top three performers all received gift cards to the Marine Corps Exchange.                 

            “Everyone was so talented and the competition was so close,” Scipio said. “Our goal is always to come out here and give the people attending the best show in the world.”

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