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Twentynine Palms


Twentynine Palms

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

Twentynine Palms, California
Check in Locations
Welcome to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC).

When you arrive, one of the below locations will be your first stop.

Headquarters Battalion
During Work Hours:

(0730 - 1630 Mon-Fri)
USMC Officers - Officer Assignments, G-1, Bldg. 1554, Room #113, Phone (760) 830-7348.

USMC Enlisted - Combat Center Personnel Office, G-1, Village Center, Bldg. 1551, Room #42, Phone

(760) 830-7327/1800

USN Officers and Enlisted assigned to USN UIC 67399 and all other service personnel, check in with your assigned USMC unit: HQBn (MCC 015), Bldg. 1457; TTECG (CC UKT), Bldg. 1587; MCCES (MCC K18), Bldg. 1865. Additional check-in required at the Naval Hospital for USN personnel for pay and personnel processing. For more info, call the Combat Center Personnel Office (760) 830-1800/4248.
After Work Hours:

All personnel - Bldg. 1457, HQBn OOD, Phone (760) 830-6806/6506 (If no duty personnel are present, report to the OOD in Bldg/Barracks 1608); MCAGCC CDO, Bldg. 1554, Room #114A, Phone (760) 830-6157. Ensure your orders are annotated by the OOD for date and time of arrival. Report as indicated to above NLT 0730 the next working day.

All Division Units (7th Marines; 3/11; 3/4; 3rd LAR; 3rd AAVs; 3rd CEB; 1st Tanks)
During Work Hours: Bldg. 1538 (2nd Floor) Phone (760)830-4882
After Work Hours: Bldg. 1538 (1st Floor) Phone (760) 830-5824 (Regimental Duty Officer)

24/7: Bldg. 1640 Phone (760) 830-6792 SDO (Squadron Duty Officer)

24/7: Bldg. 1980 Phone (760) 578-2973 SDO

MCCES (permanent personnel and students)
During Work Hours: Bldg. 1865 Phone (760) 830-6917
After Work Hours: Bldg. 1664 (3rd Floor) Phone (760) 830-6157

During Work Hours: Bldg 1537 (2nd Floor) Phone (760) 830-6310
After Work Hours: Bldg. 1537 (1st Floor) Phone (760) 830-5134

During Work Hours: Bldg. 1525 Phone (760) 830-3624
After Work Hours: Bldg. 1648 Phone (760) 830-1752
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