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Commanding General's Policy Letters
01-18 Adult Use of Marijuana Act in California
02-18 Security Patrols of Off Base Housing Area Vista Del Sol
03-18 Equal Opportunity and Anti-Harassment
04-18 Department of Defense Program for Stability of Employment Statement of Support
05-18 Prohibited Activities and Conduct Prevention and Response Policy
06-18 Suicide Prevention
07-18 Force Protection Policy
08-18 Safety and Warrior Preservation
09-18 Environmental Compliance and Protection Policy
10-18 Sexual Assault Prevention
11-18 Arming and Training of the Officer of the Day and Duty Staff Noncommissioned Officer aboard the MCAGCC
12-18 Security Clearance Policy for Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information Submission
13-18 Commander's Critical Information Requirements
14-18 Water Conservation Policy
15-18 Energy Ethos
16-18 Command Legal Action
17-18 Combat and Operational Stress Control
18-18 MAGTFTC'S "Protect What You've Earned" Campaign
19-18 Social Media Best Practices
20-18 Fitness Report Preparation and Submission Guidance
21-18 Camp Wilson Parking Policy
22-18 Foreign Leave Requests
24-18 Pay and Allowance Continuation Program
01-19 Appointments Requirement for Identification Issuing Facility
03-19 Guidance for Semper Fit Programs aboard MAGTFTC, MCAGCC
01-20 COVID-19 Related Leave and Liberty Policy
02-20 COVID-19 Related Actions for Personnel Training aboard the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center
03-20 COVID-19 Related Restriction of Movement for Permanent Change of Station Arrivals