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Twentynine Palms


Twentynine Palms

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

Twentynine Palms, California

The Command Duty Officer (CDO) and Command Duty Staff Noncommissioned Officer (CDSNCO) are direct representatives of the Commanding General, Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command (MAGTFTC), Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC).  The CDO is responsible for receiving all administrative and emergency matters that occur after hours, and ensuring good order and discipline aboard the Installation.  The CDO and CDSNCO will be guided in their duties by CCO 1601.17H.


Command Duty Directives and SOPs
Title Description Access
CCO 1601.17J Combat Center Duty Order Adjutant Orders
CCBul 1601 Combat Center Duty Roster (monthly) Adjutant Bulletins
CDO/CDSNCO SOP Duty Standard Operating Procedures Call for a copy
CDO Duty Checklist Duty checklist for the CDO Naval Forms Online
CDSNCO Duty Checklist Duty checklist for the CDSNCO Naval Forms Online
Vehicle Checklist Duty Checklist for the Vehicle Naval Forms Online
CDO/CDSNCO Quick Reference Quick Reference Call for a copy
MCO 3504.2A Operations Event/Incident Report (OPREP-3) Reporting Open PDF


Points of Contact
CDO: 830-7200 Camp Wilson: 830-9395
CDSNCO: 830-7201 PMO Desk Sergeant: 830-6809 / 6800 / 6810
Duty Cell: (760)401-6393 Naval Hospital Quarterdeck: 830-2190
BEARMAT: 830-6535 / 6623 METOC: (858) 577-4028
HqBn Barracks: 830-6566 SARC 24 Hour Hotline: (760) 799-0273
G-6 Help Desk: 830-7141