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The Operations Section of Center Logistics Division consist of the Director of the Division, who is also the MAGTFTC Supply Officer, the Division Deputy/Assistant MAGTFTC Supply Officer, the MAGTFTC Supply Chief and a small administrative staff. This section of the division is responsible for supervising and coordinating the actions of the Center Magazine Area (CMA), Consolidated Material Support Center (CMSC), which is a consolidation of the Direct Support Stock Control and Property Control Branches, Food Service Branch, Traffic Management Branch and the Purchasing & Contraction Branch. The Logistics Division is responsible for providing a wide range of supplies and services to both the permanently assigned unts and the deployed Fleet Marine Force; as well as a variety of organizations deployed to the Combat Center for training/exercises. The Director Logistics Division coordinates supply support between the internal branches and outside activities.

Mon - Fri 0730 - 1630

Billet / Commercial Phone / DSN Phone

Director Logistics Divsion (760) 830-5380 230-5380
Deputy Logistics Division (760) 830-5380 230-5380
Supply Chief (760) 830-5383 230-5383
Admin Operations (760) 830-5382/6810 230-5382
FAX (760) 830-5381 230-5381
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