Provost Marshal

PMO Operations strives to advance the highest levels of public safety, trust, and professionalism by strengthening community relationships through fair and impartial policing.  Our Military and Civilian Police Officers deter and report criminal activity, respond to emergency calls for service, while enforcing the orders, regulations, and directives of the Combat Center.

The Military Working Dog (MWD) section supports PMO Operations onboard the Combat Center with mission capable MWDs and MWD handlers.  As force multipliers, MWD teams specialize in suspect apprehension, area security, building and vehicle searches, force protection, in addition to narcotic and explosive detection.

The Special Reaction Team (SRT) is a specific group of Military Policemen trained to respond to high-risk, emergency calls for service in order to preserve life and isolate/contain incidents.  SRT is outfitted with specialized equipment such as body armor, entry tools, surveillance equipment and advanced weapons that enable their response capabilities to confront armed criminals, barricaded subjects, hostage situations, and contain riots.

The Accident Investigation Division (AID) provides continuous support to the Combat Center with trained accident investigators.  These Military and Civilian Police Officers maintain our safe roadways by enforcing vehicle and traffic regulations, conduct speed enforcement operations and accident investigative services.

The Range Patrol Operations (RPO) section is a specific group of Military and Civilian Police Officers who conduct law enforcement operations within the Johnson Valley Land Expansion and Exclusive Military Use Area (EMUA).  RPO is equipped with specialized OHV’s and 4x4 trucks that enable response to criminal activity, search and rescue operations, training accidents, aircraft mishaps, and special events in MCAGCC training areas.

Operations Officer (760) 830-6095
Assistant Operations Officer (760) 830-5456
Operations Chief (760) 830-6095






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