Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long should a Command expect to wait to get a report?
A. We try to process and submit reports to Commanding Officers within 7 to 10 days..
Q. What should I do if I have a complaint against a Military Policemen?
A. Write down the time, date, nature of the complaint, and the names of the personnel involved and contact the Watch Commander at 830-6800. If not satisfied, report the incident to the Operations Chief, Operations Officer, Provost Sergeant or the Deputy Provost Marshal.
Q. What happens if a person misses their traffic court appearance without making prior arrangements?
A. If the individual fails to appear, their case will be adjudicated in their absence. Additionally they will be awarded an additional 3 months suspension of driving privileges..
Q. If a person has had their driving privileges revoked or suspended on the Combat Center are they authorized to drive on other DOD installations?
A. No, revocation or suspension of driving privileges on one DOD installation prohibits a person from driving on any DOD installation.
Q. What affect does a civil arrest for Driving Under The Influence (DUI) have on Combat Center driving privileges?
When PMO is notified of a civil arrest for DUI the person (to include retired military, family members, civilian personnel, and active duty military) will be issued a letter of temporary suspension by the Provost Marshal's Office. The person will be required to appear in the Combat Center Traffic Court for adjudication regarding driving privileges based on circumstances surrounding the arrest (i.e. traffic accident, Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), civilian police report, etc.). The Traffic Court Judge will consider the outcome of the civil court but is not bound by it.


Accident Investigation 760-830-4251
Administration 760-830-6094
Desk Sergeant 760-830-6810
DSN 230-6800
Operations 760-830-6095
DSN 230-4612
Services 760-830-6698
Training 760-830-8339
MWD / K9 760-830-4239
Criminal Investigaton Division 760-830-6820
Fire Department 760-830-6475
Traffic Court Liaison 760-830-5461
Vehicle Registration 760-830-7700

Anonymous Tip Hot Line (ITIP) 
DSN 230-4847


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