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Land Acquisition & Airspace Establishment Archive

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Twentynine Palms, California

This page is an archive of the Land Acquisition/Airspace Establishment Project.
Current information can be found at Government and External Affairs.


ARCHIVES - Land Acquisition / Airspace Establishment Study

Marines must train as they fight. The Marine Corps must fulfill training requirements for a large-scale, Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). This requires more training land and airspace than is now available anywhere in the United States; the training area must at a minimum provide three maneuver corridors for a ground combat element comprised of three battalions that are simultaneously maneuvering for 48-72 hours with combined-arms live fire and the accompanying special-use airspace; a Center for Naval Analyses study shows that Twentynine Palms is the only location with sufficient land and airspace potential to meet the training requirements.

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