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Defense Services Organization, 29 Palms Branch

The Defense Section provides professional and timely legal representation to accused Marines and sailors aboard MCAGCC, Twentynine Palms.

How We Can Help
Our Defense Counsel cannot represent nor advise on matters within civil jurisdiction. However, advice can be given on what disciplinary or administrative actions may be taken by the Marine Corps while pending civil action.

Walk-in Counseling: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1300-1600. Arrive by 1330 to receive the counseling brief before meeting with an attorney. First come, first served.
Defense Reception Area: Monday through Friday, 0730 to 1600.

Contact Information
Tel: (760) 830-5271
DSN: 230-5271
Fax: (760) 830-5306

Assistance Provided

Nonjudicial Punishment

NJP Appeals

Summary Court Martial

Administration Separation

Fast Track Cases

BCNR Petitions

Medical Boards

Interrogation Counseling

Fitness Reports / Pg 11 Rebuttals

No Assistance Provided

DUI (Civilian)

Traffic Court Dates

Civilian Court Issues

Warrants for Arrest


Officer in Charge
(760) 830-6784

Legal Admin Officer
(760) 830-5258

Legal Services Chief
(760) 830-5665

Administrative Law
(760) 830-5249
FAX (760) 830-5978

Trial Services Office
(760) 830-6782
FAX (760) 830-3930

Defense Services Organization
(760) 830-5271

Legal Assistance
(760) 830-6111
FAX (760) 830-5978

Tax Center
(760) 830-4829