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Trial Services Office

The mission of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Trial Services Office is to provide support to our local commands as they pursue all avenues of Military Justice. The trial counsel and legal service specialists of the Trial Services Office provide zealous, ethical, and effective prosecution services to commanders who are pursuing justice through the use of judicial, nonjudicial, or administrative means. We strive to ensure that the military justice system is both fair and just.



Officer in Charge
(760) 830-6784

Legal Admin Officer
(760) 830-5258

Legal Services Chief
(760) 830-5665

Administrative Law
(760) 830-5249
FAX (760) 830-5978

Trial Services Office
(760) 830-6782
FAX (760) 830-3930

Defense Services Organization
(760) 830-5271

Legal Assistance
(760) 830-6111
FAX (760) 830-5978

Tax Center
(760) 830-4829