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Vehicle Registration

The Vehicle Registration Office is open Monday through Friday, with the exceptions of holidays, from 0500 to 2100.

Registration of Motor Vehicles
Personnel permanently assigned to a MCAGCC, and visitors are required to register their vehicles with the Vehicle Registration Office. All persons registering a vehicle aboard the MCAGCC, are required to present the following information:

  • Valid military, civilian, or contractor common access card.
  • Valid state operator's or chauffeur's license for the type of vehicle being registered.
  • Valid registration of vehicle in a political subdivision (state or territory) of the United States.
  • Proof of motor vehicle liability insurance that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of the state of California.
  • Notarized written permission to operate the vehicle, if the applicant is not the registered owner, legal owner, or dependent of the owner of the vehicle to be registered.
  • Military personnel 25 years of age or under must provide evidence of Driver’s Improvement Course completion.
  • Motorcycle operators must provide a valid state operators’ license with a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Authorization Letter if the driver is employed by the company the vehicle is registered and insured under.
  • Military and civilian personnel will be required to notify the Vehicle Registration Office upon their permanent change of residence or when they are no longer the registered owner of a vehicle, this is normally done during the checkout process.

Temporary Vehicle Pass
Temporary passes are issued to persons having a bonafide need to be aboard the MCAGCC, such as contractor employees, authorized guests of the MCAGCC and personnel such as a military member, military dependent, and CAC holder that only have a temporary driver’s license, registration, or proof of insurance.

Personnel requesting a temporary pass are required to have a military or DOD civilian sponsor. Vehicle Registration accepts sponsorship through the website, via email, over the phone at (760) 830-6794 or in person.

  • No temporary pass exceeds 6 months. Contractors may not be issued a pass in excess of 30 days, and a 4 day temporary pass thereafter regardless of the length of sponsorship.
  • Temporary passes will expire at 2400 on the date indicated on the pass.
  • A temporary pass shall be displayed in the lower driver’s side of the windshield except for motorcycles, in which case the pass shall be in the possession of the operator while operating the motorcycle.
  • A temporary pass will not be transferred to another person or vehicle.
  • House guests of residents will be issued a temporary pass for 72 hours upon initial sponsorship. Once they acquire the proper paperwork from the Combat Center Housing Officer (Lincoln Housing) they will be issued a temporary pass for the duration of their sponsorship.
  • Authorized civilian and contract personnel with no CAC who will be driving rental vehicles aboard the Combat Center must provide rental contract listing them as a driver in order to receive a temporary pass limited to the duration of their rental contract.
  • Personnel purchasing in new vehicle awaiting arrival of essential paperwork will be issued a temporary pass up to 90 days, to allow the registrant time to obtain necessary documents to properly register their POV aboard the Combat Center.

Registration of Privately Owned Weapons
Any person, civilian or military, who purchases, obtains, or introduces weapons or devices as described in CCO 1630.6 must be immediately registered by completing the Weapons Registration form and submitting it to the Vehicle Registration Office. Vehicle Registration accepts weapon’s registration in person or through the website.

Online Weapon/Vehicle Registration or Visitor Requests

The Provost Marshal’s Office has worked diligently to provide the easiest way possible to register your Vehicles and Weapons on base, via online registration. You can access the forms and register your property at the website.
 -You must have a Common Access Card (CAC).
 -You must have a government email address.
 -You must currently have a MCEITS account.
If you do not have a MCEITS account, PMO can assist with creating one for you. Submit the following information to one of the POCs listed below:
1. Justification (Registering vehicles, weapons, etc. or PMO Staff)
2. Last Name, First Name MI
3. Rank
4. Organization/Unit
5. Nationality
6. Email address (Government or Corporate email addresses only. Do not use personal email addresses like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. or the request will be disapproved and a new request will need to be submitted)
7. Phone Number (Cellular, Home, or Office) and Extension, if applicable


The POCs concerning account requests are either katelyn.m.greene@usmc.mil or david.tenbrook1@usmc.mil. Following submission of this request watch your email for a verification email and ensure it is digitally signed and follow all instructions within the email. For troubleshooting information contact the PMO at 760-836-6094/4561.

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