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Welcome to MCAGCC Religious Ministries
The MCAGCC Religious Ministries (RM) offers a wide variety of religious opportunities for the entire Combat Center Community. RM goals include assisting each one we meet with their own religious needs.

Nurturing faith, encouraging spiritual enrichment and offering hope in a loving community remains the RM’s number one commitment.

RM seeks to achieve the vision through a comprehensive and varied program of worship services, educational classes and fellowship opportunities. Childcare services are provided in the Religious Ministries Center for children aged infant to 4 years for some RM events, special services and religious studies.

Religious educational opportunities abound, which include Roman Catholic CCD/Faith Formations and several Christian Bible studies. Classes range from toddlers to adults.

Regular and special music events fill the schedule. Youth gather in specially tailored programs. Additional programs include singles groups, PREP, CREDO, Christian Women’s Fellowship, Military Conference of Catholic Women, Cyrus Young Adults and other specialized groups.
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Religious Ministries Directorate
Village Center, Bldg. 1551
(760) 830-5430/4463/6305

Christ Chapel
Protestant, Bldg. 1541
(760) 830-6464/6802

Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel
Catholic, Bldg. 1542
(760) 830-6456/6646

Duty Chaplain
(760) 861-4739