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Marriage Prep


Upcoming PREP classes are announced on our Facebook Page. Don't delay, reservations close one week prior to class.

Marines and Sailors eligible for PREP participation include couples that are:
• Engaged or thinking about getting engaged, married, or in a serious relationship.

• Not involved in domestic violence treatment.


Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program
PREP teaches married and engaged couples communication skills and ground rules for handling conflict and promoting intimacy.

30 Years of Research
PREP is based on over 30 years of research funded in part by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIHM).

Enriches Marriage…
Couples taking part in a University of Denver study report healthier relationships and stronger communication skills. Research has demonstrated that PREP couples are half as likely to divorce and also have fewer instances of physical violence than the average population. PREP couples tend to enjoy greater relationship enhancement and happier, upbeat marriages.

Enhanced Sharing Opportunities…
PREP is education, not therapy or domestic violence treatment. The skills taught at PREP lead to healthy communication.

This is what other couples had to say about PREP:

» "PREP helped me learn to communicate without holding my feelings inside."

» "I now have the tools to make my marriage stronger and become a good listener not just a speaker."

» "PREP taught me how to discuss things with my husband without making him feel threatened."

» "With new skills, my marriage will work, I understand my spouse and listen to what he says."

» "This program is going to work and it has made a big difference."

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