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Employees may view personnel information, including current and historical appointments, position, personal, salary, benefits, awards and bonuses, education, training, some certifications and licenses, performance and Notification of Personnel Actions. In addition, employees can view Emergency Contact Information.

You may use My Biz to update your work telephone number, work email address, physical work address, disability codes, Ethnicity and Race Identification (ERI), emergency contact information, education, training, some certificates and licenses, awards, foreign language proficiency, and training information.

** You can use My Biz for employment verification **

Once you receive your SMART Card, navigate to the DCPDS Portal to access My Biz. Navigate to 'Smart Card Access', First Time Smart Card user section. Select the "Register" button and follow the steps to register your Smart Card and log in.

Civilian Human Resources
(760) 830-7704 or (760)-830-7563

Department of Navy Civilian Benefits Center
(888) 320-2917

Department of Navy Civilian Employee Assistance Program
(844) 366-2327

Department of Navy Employment Information Center
(800) 378-4559

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