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24/7 Victim Advocate Support
Installation Sexual Response Coordinators (SARC) 

Installation SARC

Mr. Ivan L. Norman

Office: 760-830-4997
BB: 760-401-2301

Alternate Installation SARC

Abby Gustafson
Office: 760-830-7332
BB: 760-401-7892

You may also contact your Battalion's Uniformed Victim Advocate (UVA).
The UVA can provide a confidential sexual assault report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MCAGCC 24/7 Sexual Assault Support Line (760) 799-0273

Base Resources
The contacts below also offer support to victims, however your report may not be confidential.
  • Provost Marshal's Office (PMO): 760-830-6800, option 2
  • Family Advocacy Program (FAP): 760-830-6345 *Available Monday through Friday, 0800-1600
  • Robert E. Busch Naval Hospital: 760-830-2190
  • Staff Judge Advocate (SJA); 760-830-7200 *Available Monday through Friday, 0800-1600
  • Mental Health: 760-830-2935 *Available Monday through Friday, 0800-1600

Local Resources
  • Morongo Basin Rape Crisis Center Helpline: 760-369-3353

Additional Resources
NOTE: The reference for Line of Duty (LOD) determinations can be found in MCO 1752.5B, Chapter 3 par 8 and Appendix I (Marine Corps Sexual Assault Line of Duty (LOD) Determination Protocol).