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SARC Statement
To confidentially reach a SAPR Victim Advocate 24/7 call (760) 799-0273
 Installation SARC Alternate Installation SARC  
Ivan L. Norman Abby Gustafson
Office: 760-830-4997 Office: 760-830-7332
BB: 760-401-2301 BB: 760-401-7892
  Ivan.Norman@usmc.mil Abby.Gustafson@usmc.mil 


As the Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) aboard the Combat Center, it is our responsibility to provide confidential support and services to victims of sexual assault. If you or someone you know needs assistance regarding a sexual assault, we are here to help you. Other resources at your disposal are your unit’s Uniformed Victim Advocates (UVAs) and the installation’s civilian Victim Advocates (VAs). Every battalion/squadron has at least two trained and assigned UVAs who are ready to assist a sexual assault victim. Rest assured that your discussion with a UVA or VA is confidential.

What are your reporting options?

Restricted reporting allows victims of sexual assault to receive support and counseling services without a law enforcement investigation or chain of command involvement. Restricted reporting protects the victim’s identity and, except in rare instances, assures absolute confidentiality.

Unrestricted reporting allows victims of sexual assault to receive support, advocacy, a forensic exam, and counseling with a law enforcement investigation and the support of the chain of command. Unrestricted reporting informs the victim’s chain of command, affords maximum protection of the victim from the offender, and ensures a thorough investigation of the circumstances of the assault in order to hold the offender(s) accountable for the criminal conduct.

In order to make a fully informed choice, restricted reporting versus unrestricted reporting, be sure to speak to a SARC, your UVA, a VA, or a chaplain. You also have the option of calling the DoD SafeHelpline for confidential, live one-on-one help at (877) 995-5247 or visit their website at www.SafeHelpline.org. In the event of an emergency, call 911 from any landline, or dial (760) 830-3333 if you are calling from a cell phone. Once you inform law enforcement officials, restricted reporting is no longer an option. Additionally, in California, medical care providers are required to report sexual assault to law enforcement unless they are a military medical provider affiliated with a military hospital. Medical staff within Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms are not mandated to report to law enforcement.

Protect your right to privacy by understanding your reporting options before you discuss your personal situation with anyone else, since all military members are mandated by the Uniform Code of Military Justice or other governing regulations to report a crime.

To confidentially reach a SAPR Victim Advocate 24/7 call (760) 799-0273