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Community Plans and Liaison Officer


Community Plans & Liaison Office (CP&LO)

Mission Statement:

 The Community Plans & Liaison Office (CP&LO) serves as the Commanding Officer’s direct representative with local communities, public elected officials, other government agencies and major landowners surrounding the Training Center. This office serves in an oversight capacity to monitor encroachment issues that could potentially affect the Training Center’s mission.

The office works with local, state and federal officials to coordinate planning of mutual interest issues within the region. When necessary, the CP&LO staff provides information to local community authorities and regional planning agencies about the Training Center’s land use and its training mission. 

Requests for Funeral Detail:
If you have questions about funeral detail requests, please call Headquarters Marine Corps at
(866) 826-3628 or (703) 784-9823. We do not accept requests for funeral detail.

CP&LO Documents
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Media Guide 9/18/20133.03 MBDownload
Regional ImpactsCP&LO9/18/2013594.80 KBDownload
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