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CDO/CDSNCO Orders/Directive/POCs


The Command Duty Officer (CDO) and Command Duty Staff Noncommissioned Officer (CDSNCO) are direct representatives of the Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC).  The CDO is responsible for receiving all administrative and emergency matters that occur after hours, and ensuring good order and discipline aboard the Installation.  The CDO and CDSNCO will be guided in their duties by TCO 1601.2B.


The Command Duty Officer at (760) 932-1401

Base Dialing Instructions:

Commercial Direct Dial.  Dial 760-932 + 4 digit extension if you already know your party’s direct extension.

DSN: Dial 839 + 4 digit extension (same as commercial extension). 

Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center