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Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center

Bridgeport, California

Welcome Aboard!

Congratulations on joining the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center Team.  This training command was established in Pickel Meadows near Bridgeport, California in 1951 to address cold weather and mountain warfare capability gaps within the Marine Corps during the Korean Conflict in the winter of 1950.  During that first year, more than 7,000 Marines suffered non-combat related cold weather injuries from a combination of inferior equipment and a lack of cold weather environmental training.  MWTC was forged from these hard lessons and has endured ever since.  

Over the past 70 years we have adapted our training to fit the needs of the Marine Corps.  We are a relatively small command of about 300 Marines, Sailors and civilians.  Despite our size, we provide world-class cold weather and mountainous expertise by way of formal schools and collective skills training when conducting a Mountain Exercise capable of training Marine Littoral Regiments, Littoral Combat Teams, as well as Combat Service Support, Aviation and Special Operations units.   

As a member of this team you must demonstrate military occupational specialty (MOS) proficiency as we actively recruit the best and most talented of our former students and Marines and Sailors who participate in our Mountain Exercises.  Due to the harsh weather conditions and our remote location, we need resilient service members that have a passion for learning and who are natural teachers, coaches and mentors to their Marines and Sailors.    Bridgeport offers you an exciting opportunity to hone your skills, both in warfighting and in your primary MOS.  The rugged terrain of the Eastern Sierra Mountains provides you ample opportunity to achieve the highest levels of professional proficiency that will enhance your contribution to the Service long after you leave Bridgeport.  At MWTC, we stiffened the spine of the Corps and directly prepare the next generation of Marines for the rigors of combat.  

In addition to your professional development, our Marines, Sailors and their families enjoy some of the most scenic landscapes in the continental United States.  As we like to say, people vacation where we live.  The local area has much to offer the outdoor enthusiast and we have a robust Family Readiness and Single Marine Program that is among the best and most active within the Marine Corps.

Located in the heart of the Antelope Valley, the family housing area is 22 miles north of the training center in Coleville, California near the Nevada border and is comprised of 111 townhomes, duplexes and single family homes.  Within the housing area we have a Commissary, a Marine Mart, a Community Center, a recreational swimming pool, a gymnasium and a Child Development Center.  Local activities include: hiking, camping, hunting, mountain bike riding, fly-fishing, boating, kayaking, snowmobiling, off-roading, and world class skiing/snowboarding.  All of these activities are coupled with the majestic views of the Eastern Sierra Mountains!  Our PPV Housing Partner, Liberty Military Housing, owns and manages the properties at the family housing area.  In addition, Liberty Military Housing hosts a multitude of events at the family housing area throughout the year.  Most residents enjoy living in our base housing area and Liberty Military Housing has been recognized for outstanding support to our military community.  Our bachelor personnel residing in the BEQ enjoy spacious, comfortable rooms and the best view in the entire United States Marine Corps!  

Within 14 days of receiving orders to the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center a member of our team will reach out to you and introduce themselves as your command sponsor.  This Marine or Sailor is appointed in writing and is responsible for making contact with you and your family in order to ensure any questions or concerns you may have about your transition are addressed and resolved.  Your sponsor will meet you on the day of you arrival and ensure you have access to any and all the resources you need upon arrival.  This command understands that the first 90 days at a new installation set the tone for the rest of your tour.  We strive to provide all service members the information and the resources they need to settle in, integrate into the team, and succeed in Pickel Meadows.

In conclusion, we hope that you are excited about joining our team and the community.  We look forward to seeing you in the near future as you become part of the Bridgeport Family and join one of the Service’s most beautiful and unique training commands.

Semper Fidelis,

Colonel D.J. Wittnam

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