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Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center

Bridgeport, California
Animal Packing Course
                        Animal Packing Course


A. Fund: UNIT
B. CID: M24MN61
C. MAX/MIN: 48/12
D. PHONE NUMBER: 760 932 1469

PURPOSE: To train Marines and other U.S. military services, and foreign allied personnel meeting the criteria established in paragraph 16 "Target Population Description/Prerequisites" of this program of instruction, to become more effective as small units and as leaders in a mountainous environment. Students are taught the necessary skills to enable them to plan, organize, and conduct animal packing, and/or provide advice to senior commanders and staffs.

SCOPE: This course is designed to aid Marine Corps units in alternative methods for transporting crew served weapons, ammunition, supplies, and wounded personnel to and from areas inaccessible to mechanized and air mobile transportation. The course subjects include introduction to animal packing, anatomy of pack animals, animal packing techniques, casualty evacuation techniques, animal first aid, and bivouac considerations.


     Reporting Orders with Command Screening Checklist
     Identification card and tags
     Seasonal camouflage uniform x 3
     Seasonal boonie cover x 1
     Seasonal 8 point cover x 1
     Green T-shirt x 3
     Military Belt
     Physical Training Gear (USMC Green Shorts and Running Suit or Green Sweats)
     Running Shoes
     Military Issue boots x 2 pair
     Socks - White PT
     Socks, Boot - Wool x 4 pair
     Wrist Watch
     Rank Insignia x 2
     Hygiene kit
     Towel x 2
     Washcloth
     Shower Shoes
     Matte-black, non-mirrored sunglasses (UV Rated)
     Sunscreen (30 SPF minimum)
     Chap stick (15 SPF)
     Combination Lock x 2
     Appropriate Civilian Attire x 2 sets
     Headlamp or Flashlight with Red Lens and Extra Batteries
     Knife of Multi-Tool
     Note taking equipment (mechanical pencil, notepad)
     Personal comfort items (i.e. MP3 Player, Books, Laptop, etc)
     Modular Sleeping System (Complete)
     Gortex Bivouac Sack
     USMC Day Pack
     USMC Pack
     Main Pack WP Liner
     Day Pack WP Liner
     IFAK
     Isopor Mat
     Field Tarp
     Poncho Liner
     Hydration Set (Nalgene Bottles, Ability to hold up to 8 Quarts)
     Seasonal Gortex, Top
     Seasonal Gortex, Bottom
     Capilene Top
     Capilene Bottom
     Fleece Cap (USMC)
     Neck Gaitor
     5 Finger Gloves with Inserts
     Contact Gloves

**If upon graduation, you will be rejoining your and unit participating in Mountain Exercise at MWTC, you may need to bring additional gear as required by your chain of command.