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Mission of the MCMWTC
The Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center conducts service-level MAGTF integrated exercises and supporting formal schools, develops warfighting doctrine, supports RDT&E for specialized equipment for use in mountain warfare operations, and maintains installation infrastructure and services in order to facilitate increased USMC readiness.

To conduct combat operations as a component of a MAGTF or other task force in mountainous, high altitude, and cold weather environments.  The complex, compartmentalized nature of mountainous terrain changes the fundamental nature of tasks, techniques and procedures across all six of the warfighting functions. 


These operations are both physically and technically demanding and require specialized warfighting doctrine, training, and equipment.  Mounted operations may be impossible, limited to specialized vehicles, or sharply canalized by terrain.  Air and fire support may be limited by terrain and/or weather.  The planning and execution of operations must consider fire support limitations, weapons employment, mountain patrol techniques, movement, control of fires, intelligence gathering, sustainment, communications and force protection. 


Units and personnel may require specialized training in technical climbing, military mountaineering, snow mobility, field craft, survival, CASEVAC, navigation, use of pack animals and high angle marksmanship.  Medical challenges include treatment of high altitude and cold weather illness and injuries, and casualty transport in a snow covered mountainous environment.


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Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center