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We, at the Unaccompanied Housing Division, are responsible for the overall management, inspection, and administration of all Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ’s) aboard the Combat Center.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters consist of 20 Permanent Party BEQ’s and 6 Student/Trainee BEQ’s.


To be a world-class Military Family Housing Office. One that becomes a benchmark for other Military Family Housing Offices; one that impresses its customers the first time and every time; one that embraces and effects change versus impeding it; and one that never loses sight that our military families are our most important asset.

  • To exceed all customer expectations.

  • To be environmentally friendly.

  • To be efficient.

  • To provide safety and security.

Combat Center Order 11103.1F (BEQ SOP)

We do not make reservations for Bonafide or Geographical Bachelor Quarters.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) are assigned to Units for incoming bachelor personnel. Space within the BEQ’s are designated for occupancy by permanently assigned military bachelors, pay grades of E1 – E5, whom are not receiving Basic Allowance for Housing "Own Right" (Bonafide Bachelors) and all other authorized personnel.

For questions regarding BEQ's, please contact Barracks Coordinators at 760-830-8295.

Location: Bachelor Billeting Division, Building 1565.

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) "Own Right" For questions regarding BAH “Own Right” requests, please call 760-830-8295.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Instruction Manual

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