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Role of the Victim Advocate


Role of Victim Advocate

Sexual Assault is the most under reported crime in our society and in the military. While the Department of Defense prefers complete reporting of sexual assaults to activate both victims' services and law enforcement actions, it recognizes that some victims desire only medical and support services and no command or law enforcement involvement. The Department believes its first priority is for victims to be protected, treated with dignity and respect, and to receive the medical treatment, care and counseling that they deserve. Under DoD's Confidentiality Policy, military victims of sexual assault have two reporting options - Restricted reporting and Unrestricted reporting. Military retirees, dependents, and other civilian victims currently may use only Unrestricted reporting.

The Uniformed Victim Advocate (UVA) and Victim Advocate (VA) provide essential support and care to the victim to include providing non-clinical information on available options and resources to assist the victim in making informed decisions as they progress through resolution and healing. A Victim Advocate may be military (UVA), or a civilian (VA). The UVA/VA maintains communications and contact with the victim as needed for continued victim support.


Role of the Installation Victim Advocate and Uniformed Victim Advocate

  • Support: continuous victim support throughout the process
  • Information: provides all information to the victim so that he/she can make the best decision
  • Referral for Resources: Serve as liaison between victim and service providers
  • Support through initial/ongoing investigation
  • Support through court proceedings
  • Conduct annual sexual assault training and pre-deployment sexual assault briefs for commands (UVA)
  • Reports directly to Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) for Victim Advocate duties
  • UVA provides victim support until able to conduct a warm hand off to an Instlation Victim Advocate
  • Facilitates Monthly Case Status Updates
  • Available to respond 24/7


To confidentially reach a SAPR Victim Advocate 24/7 call (760) 799-0273