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Marines with 1st Tank Battalion bow their heads in prayer during a memorial service in honor of Lance Cpl. Adam Lynch, a vehicle commander with 1st Tanks Headquarters and Service Company, at the Combat Center's Catholic Chapel Sept. 2.

Photo by Cpl. Corey A. Blodgett

1st Tanks remembers their brother-in-arms

4 Sep 2009 | Lance Cpl. Andrew D. Thorburn

A memorial service honoring Lance Cpl. Adam Lynch, a 22-year-old vehicle commander with 1st Tank Battalion’s Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wire-guided Missile platoon, was attended by more than 200 friends, family members and loved ones Sept. 2 at the Combat Center’s Catholic Chapel.

Lynch, a native of Gardena, Calif., died Aug. 19 due to medical complications resulting from physical training.

The ceremony started with the invocation given by Navy Lt. Russell Hale, the 1st Tanks chaplain, followed by the national anthem.  Lt. Col. Thomas Gordon, the commanding officer of 1st Tanks, then addressed the congregation and described Lynch as an invaluable Marine not only to his the shop, to the lives of his fellow Marines as well.

While looking at Lynch’s family, Gordon said “We will not forget your husband and your son.”

After the commanding officer’s remarks, Lynch’s platoon commander, 1st Lt. Scott MacDonald stepped up and talked about how impressed he was with Lynch’s leadership skills and personal qualities. He said those qualities led Lynch to become a vehicle chief as a lance corporal, a billet normally reserved for noncommissioned officers.

Cpl. Christopher Corley, a TOW gunner with 1st Tanks’ Headquarters and Service Company, and friend of Lynch, gave the eulogy. Corley described Lynch as a great father and well-rounded Marine.

“He was a good Marine and a good friend,” Corley said. “He would never let anyone be alone in the barracks on the holidays.”

After the eulogy, a few of Lynch’s friends came forward and spoke about their personal experiences with him.

Those attending then sang the Navy Hymn and were followed by 1st Sgt. Joseph Gray, the company first sergeant, performing roll call. Gray stood up in front of the assembly and called out the names of Marines. One by one  they responded with “present.” He then called out for Lynch. There was no response-taps began to play to fill the silence in the chapel.

The memorial service ended with Hale delvering the benediction and inviting everyone to pay their final respects to Lynch and his family.

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