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Headquarters Battalion


Twentynine Palms, California
Regional Intelligence Training Center (RITC) 29 Palms CA

The Intelligence Training Enhancement Program (ITEP) seeks to bring together the relevant training practices and Intelligence Community (IC) training and education standards to facilitate superior performance. This goal is accomplished by harnessing expertise with personnel development, centered on intelligence competencies; providing a tailored and flexible training resource program designed to meet the training requirements of the operating forces.

The Regional Intelligence Training Centers (RITC) provide a centralized location for Marine Corps Intelligence Schools (MCIS) ITEP representatives to identify, refine, facilitate and/or deliver validated intelligence training solutions for Operating Forces, at both the individual and collective level. The RITC staff can also provide a variety of facilities and teach, coach, and mentor support.

Courses Offered
  • Company Level Intelligence Cell (CLIC) 2.0 (A.C.E. accredited; 2 Credit Hours)
  • Structured Analytic Techniques (SAT) (A.C.E. accredited; 1 Credit Hour)
  • Expeditionary Open Source Intelligence (E-OSINT)
  • Tactical Collection Management Course (A.C.E. accredited; 2 Credit Hours)
  • Intelligence Writing (A.C.E. accredited; 2 Credit Hours)
  • Critical and Creative Thinking (A.C.E. accredited; 2 Credit Hours)
  • Pre-deployment A/O specific IPB (A.C.E. accredited; 1 Credit Hour)
  • Intelligence Support Conventional Targeting (A.C.E. accredited; 1 Credit Hour)
  • Intelligence Support to Marine Corps Planning Process
  • Intelligence Support to Marine Corps Planning Process
  • Warfighting for Intelligence Specialists
Location / Contact
  • Location: Building 1653, NW side next door to Combat Camera, (between 7th & 8th Streets) on Griffin Road
  • Hours: 0730 - 1630, Monday through Friday
  • Site Lead: (760) 830-4540
  • Tyler Prior
  • Instructor – Site Lead
  • Regional Intelligence Training Center – 29 Palms
  • Work: 760-830-4540
  • Mobile: 214-215-5434

Scheduling can be done by phone in a few minutes. Information the staff will need includes:

  • Unit name
  • Course requested
  • Number of personnel to be trained
  • Dates and times desired
  • POC (generally the Chief or OIC for the training group)

Scheduling should be done at least 2 to 4 weeks prior, but the staff can accept shorter notice requests. For a full list of available courses and dates, please contact the RITC.