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Administrative Law
Provides advice, recommendations, and training on all administrative discharge related matters.

Administrative Law Mission

To provide advice and recommendations and training on all administrative discharge related matters, to include the tracking and review of administrative discharge board packages, review of administrative board proceedings, and preparation of administrative discharge board records of proceedings.

References and Materials

Marine Corps Separation and Retirement Manual (MARCORSEPMAN)

Legal Support and Administration Manual (LSAM)

Forms/References Materials:

Request for Legal Services (RLS) – Save File to Use

Appointment letter (Board)

Character Statement from OIC and SNCOIC


Administrative Law 760-830-5249
Defense Services Organization 760-830-5271
Legal Admin Officer 760-830-5258
Legal Assistance 760-830-6111
Legal Services Chief 760-830-5665
Tax Center 760-830-4829
Trial Services Office 760-830-6782
Officer in Charge 760-830-9077
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms