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Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command and Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center


Define, Determine, Acquire, Defend and Execute the fiscal resources needed to support the MAGTFTC/MCAGCC mission.


An integrated team of expert analysts securing the resources necessary to accomplish the MAGTFTC/MCAGCC mission.


Agreements Program Manager: 760-830-8700 or DSN 230-8700

Agreements Program Assistant: 760-830-1186 or DSN 230-1186


  • Provide guidance, review requirements, and prepare annual budget and Program Objective Memorandum submissions.

  • Maintain and distribute Combat Center funding allocations and identify unfunded deficiencies within SABRS.

  • Provide financial support to all fund administrators concerning funding issues, deficiencies, processes and program execution.

Budget Division (Combat Center): 760-830-6774 or DSN 230-0123

Civilian Payroll

Responsible for accurate and timely management of command biweekly civilian payroll. Performs liaison with DFAS for civilian employees supervisors and management. Maintains current guidance of civilian pay entitlements.

Civilian Payroll: 760-830-5244 or DSN 230-5244

Defense Travel System

The DTS Help Desk is here to assist with the Defense Travel System and official travel order for the command.

Contact the Help Desk at 760-830-3796 / 760-830-8608 or DSN: 230-3296 / 230-8608

Resource Evaluation Analysis

  • Provide reviews/analyses of appropriated fund matters for MCAGCC, to include management assistance for command senior managers.

  • Act as command audit focal point to include audit liaison and coordination, response and follow-up for all audit external to the command.

Resource Evaluation Analysis: 760-830-5142 or DSN 230-5143

Comptroller 760-830-5185
DSN: 230-7410
Budget Division (Combat Center) 760-830-6774
DSN: 230-0123
Budget Division (Trng Command) 760-830-8328
DSN: 230-8328
Civilian Payroll 760-830-5244
DSN: 230-5244
DTS Help Desk 760-830-3796
DSN: 230-3296
DSN: 230-8608
Resource Evaluation Analysis 760-830-5142
DSN: 230-5143
Support Agreements Program 760-830-8700
DSN: 230-8700
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