Exercise Support Division
MAGTF Training Directorate

ESD Logo Mission
To provide, manage, maintain and issue safe and operable equipment in support of the Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Program (MAGTF-TP) and other designated training events and to provide maintenance support to MAGTF Training Command (MAGTFTC) units and organizations in order to effectively resource individual and collective live-fire, virtual and constructive training executed by MAGTFTC.

Equipment consolidated at a decisive point (Enhanced Equipment Allowance Pool) to support pre-deployment training
• Reduces TOT, convoys and temp loans
• Wear & tear on EEAP equipment vice owning units
• Quality maintenance personnel and facilities

ITX Exercise Force
If you are an approved Exercise Force that has been TEEP'd to participate in Integrated Training Exercise (ITX) contact the Exercise Action Officer(EAO) at (760) 830-4931 with questions.
• Your Battalion will draw all required support/equipment from ESD
• The Equipment Density List (EDL) that you will draw in support of your training is available through the EAO
• The EDL that you will draw has been approved by Tactical Training Exercise Control Group (TTECG)

Non ITX Exercise Force
If you are a Non ITX/Alternate Training Venue Exercise training force contact MAGTFTC Training Directorate to coordinate your training.
• Once your exercise has been approved by MAGTFTC Training Directorate, review CCO 3500.14A.
• Issuing of equipment by ESD will be in accordance with CCO 3500.14A.

The Wash Rack
• The MCAGCC Wash Rack is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
• To schedule the use of the Wash Rack call the ESD Operations Chief at (760) 830-8889 a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
• Wash Rack scheduling is first come first served.
• The using unit is responsible for policing up the Wash Rack at completion of wash Operations.

Exercise Support Division Org Chart




Operations Officer
Comm: (760) 830-5152
DSN: 230-5152

Exercise Action Officer
Comm: (760) 830-4931
DSN: 230-4931

Operations Chief:
Comm: (760) 830-8889
DSN: 230-8889
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