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Visitors to the Shared Use Area are encouraged to download the Discover Johnson Valley app to receive important information and timely updates about the area.

The Johnson Valley Shared Use Area will remain open to the public August 1-30, 2019, and will not be used for military training during the time period. The closure of the Shared Use Area for military use was determined to be unnecessary after the Marine Corps revised the scope of training to be conducted in August 2019.


The Marine Corps plans to close the Johnson Valley Shared Use to the public in order to conduct military training during the following time periods:
-30 April-11 May 2020
-30 October-09 November 2020
-30 April-10 May 2021
-29 October-08 November 2021
The closure period will include the necessary time required to complete pre and post inspections of the land with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The Marine Corps will continue to implement robust public outreach to ensure the public is informed of the temporary change in land use. If you have questions call (760) 830-3737 or email smbplmsjohnsonvalley@usmc.mil.


In 2006, the Marine Corps adopted new specifications for large-scale training exercises at the Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California. Although the Combat Center has been an effective training site since 1952, it had insufficient land and airspace to meet Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) sustained, combined-arms, live-fire and maneuver training requirements. These requirements combine the movement of three infantry battalions with aircraft support, ground troops and live fire. To conduct the mandated training, the Combat Center required expansion.

As a requirement of the FY2014 NDAA, the Resource Management Group (RMG) was established. The RMG is co-chaired by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Marine Corps, and provides for the cooperative and coordinated management of the Shared Use Area of Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area. The RMG is responsible for communicating land use changes and managing the safe transfer of the Shared Use Area during these two 30-day periods.

Signage — New Boundaries
The existing boundaries of the Combat Center are identified with markers warning signs for public safety. Individuals have a personal and legal responsibility to avoid trespassing onto the Combat Center regardless of the presence or absence of signs. This is consistent with all federal law and is not unique to the Combat Center.

Johnson Valley — Public Usage
The 2014 NDAA designated approximately 43,000 acres of land as the Johnson Valley Off Highway Vehicle Area (JVOHVRA) to be available for the public’s use year round. Separate from the JVOHVRA, the Shared Use Area has approximately 56,000 acres available for recreation 10 months of the year. Johnson Valley Map 2018 The remaining two months of the year, the Marine Corps will use the land for training; the two months of military training will be broken up into two 30-day training periods. BLM will continue to manage this area when it is open to the public.

How will I know if the Johnson Valley Shared Public Use Area is closed for Marine Corps training?
The Marine Corps will continue to implement a robust outreach program to ensure the public is informed of the temporary change in land use. The Marine Corps and BLM will work together to inform the public well in advance of military training through press releases, public service announcements, public outreach, notifications in libraries as well as other government facilities, social media, the Discover Johnson Valley app and this website.

Questions regarding the Exclusive Military Use Area or the Shared Use Area
Contact the Johnson Valley Resource Management Group at (760) 830-3737 or smbplmsjohnsonvalley@usmc.mil.

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