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The Johnson Valley Shared Use Area is designated for military use up to two thirty-day periods per year.



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The Marine Corps will not conduct training activities in the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area during the previously scheduled period of October 18 through November 1, 2022. In order to support maximum public use of the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area, it will remain open for public use during this time.

New closure dates for 2023 have been established and are listed below. 

The Johnson Valley Shared Use Area will temporarily close to the public for the following periods in 2022 and 2023

•    April 26 - May 9, 2022
•    February 17 - 27, 2023
•    August 25 - September 4, 2023

Closure periods include the time required to ensure the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area is clear of recreation activity prior to training and to confirm the land is clear of hazards prior to reopening the land for public access. The adjacent Johnson Valley OHV Recreation Area is unaffected by closures to the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area and remains open to the public for recreation and off-roading. Recreationists are also encouraged to explore other nearby off-roading areas including Stoddard Valley OHV Area and Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Recreation Area when the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area is closed.

Please remember, training is conducted within Combat Center boundaries year-round, including ranges acquired through the land expansion bordering the Shared Use Area. The Marine Corps reminds the public to be safe and respect base boundaries when recreating near the installation. Individuals have a personal and legal responsibility to avoid trespassing on the Combat Center.

The Marine Corps will continue to conduct outreach and inform the public of any temporary changes in land use for the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area. Inquiries or to sign-up for email and text alerts, contact the Resource Management Group by emailing the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at:


Johnson Valley Shared Use Area Text Alerts!

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Would you like to receive mobile text messages on Johnson Valley Shared Use Area closure schedules, public meetings, and other Johnson Valley Shared Use Area news? To sign-up for text alerts, e-mail SMBPLMSJOHNSONVALLEY@USMC.MIL and request to be added to the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area Text Alert list.

Text alerts are limited to 4 per month and recipients may opt-out at any time by emailing or responding to received texts. Message and data rates may apply per your individual cellular plan. We will not sell or share your email address, telephone number, name, or other personal and non-public information with any telemarketer or marketing agency.



In 2006, the Marine Corps adopted new specifications for large-scale training requirements, including the capability to perform sustained, combined-arms, life-fire and maneuver training exercises to best prepare Marines for combat operations. Adequate land and airspace to achieve these requirements did not exist at any installation in the county. Through comprehensive study and analyses, it was determined that the Combat Center was the only installation with enough potential land and airspace to fulfill these training requirements. To conduct the mandated training, the Combat Center required expansion.

In December 2013, the fiscal year 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (FY2014 NDAA) authorized the withdrawal of public land in Johnson Valley and south of the Combat Center to support the new training specifications. In addition to the Combat Center expansion, the law created the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area, an area designated for military use up to two, thirty-day periods per year, and to be managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for conservation and public recreation for the remainder of the year.

As a requirement of the FY2014 NDAA, the Resource Management Group (RMG) was established to provide for the cooperative management of the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area. The RMG is co-chaired by the BLM and the Marine Corps and is responsible for communicating land-use changes and coordinating the safe transfer of the Shared Use Area between parties.

New Boundaries
The new boundaries of the Combat Center are identified with markers and warning signs for public safety. Individuals have a personal and legal responsibility to avoid trespassing onto the Combat Center regardless of the presence or absence of signs. This is consistent with all federal law and is not unique to the Combat Center. A full-size map of the current boundaries may be downloaded by clicking on the map below:Johnson Valley Map 2018

Click on image to see full size and download

Johnson Valley — Public Use
In addition to establishing the 56,000-acre Shared Use Area that is open to the public for most of the year, the FY2014 NDAA designated approximately 43,000 acres as the Johnson Valley Off Highway Vehicle Area (JVOHVRA). In 2019, the Dingell Act expanded the JVOHVRA by approximately 20,200 acres, providing for a total of 63,200 acre for year-round recreation.

How will I know if the Johnson Valley Shared Public Use Area is closed for Marine Corps training?
The Marine Corps implements a robust outreach program to ensure the public is informed of the temporary change in land use. The Marine Corps and BLM work together to inform the public in advance of military training through press releases, public service announcements, public outreach, notifications in libraries as well as other government facilities, social media and this website.

Please direct questions or inquiries on the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area or military training schedules in Johnson Valley to the Resource Management Group

Phone: (760) 830-3737

Please also follow our social media accounts for updates and news on military training in Johnson Valley


Director (760) 830-8734
Deputy Director (760) 830-3765
Community Liaison (760) 830-5651
School Liaison (760) 830-1574
Tours/Operations Officer (760) 830-3735
Administrative Officer (760) 830-8734
Resource Management
(760) 830-3737
Range Sustainability Program
(760) 830-8477

All numbers: DSN 230

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