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Twentynine Palms


Twentynine Palms

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

Twentynine Palms, California
Command Inspector General's Office


  • Command Inspection Program
  • Commanding General´s Inspection Program
  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  • Request Mast
  • Weekly Assessments
  • Assist(s), Investigations Program
  • Children, Youth, and Teen Program Inspections
  • Housing Appeals (Magistrate Process)
  • Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board


Helpful HQMC Links

CIG (760) 830-4871
CIG Deputy (760) 830-4873
CIG Chief (760) 830-6978
Fraud, waste and mismanagement (760) 830-7749
Email Inspector Office Webmaster

All numbers are in DSN 230

Fill out the 29 HOTLINE Complaint Form and email to Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement