Marksmanship Training Unit
MAGTF Training Directorate
The MTU Mission is to train Marines to shoot accurately and handle weapons safely in combat through the conduct of sustainment level requalification with the M16A2 service rifle and the M9 service pistol.

Annual requalification for both service weapons is accomplished in accordance with MCO3574.2H. Scheduling and quota assignments are executed per CCBul 3574 which currently authorizes up to 300 rifle shooters and 200 pistol shooters per training detail.

All prepatory training and coaching is provided by the MTU staff making maximum use of both traditional and modern training techniques (ie. dryfire and simulation).

Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer (ISMT)
This system is designed and utilized as a training tool to support training all weapons organic to an infantry battalion. Our priorities begin with second and third phase rifle/pistol marksmanship training but we also support unit tailored training on any weapon in our inventory.

These weapons include: 
M9 / M16A2 / M203 / M249 / M240G / MK19 / M2 / SMAW / AT4

Primary Marksmanship Instructor Training
Training is conducted as required by the Schools Section of MTU.

Training is in accordance with the Range Coaches Course which is a doctrinal course of instruction supporting the sustainment level rifle/pistol programs.

Currently the course is 3 weeks in duration and includes training qualification/requalification firing with the service rifle in all three phases of rifle marksmanship.

Recreational Shooting
The MTU facility, with authority from the Commanding General, MCAGCC, is open for use as a recreational firing range. Participants must be an active duty military or accompanied by active duty military. There is no charge for range use. Shooters must sign a hold harmless agreement and are responsible for their own target materials and police call. 

For complete details contact MTU.

Unit Specific Marksmanship Training

Training assistance, ranges, facilities and equipment are available to support unit specific marksmanship training. The Combat Center Rifle/Pistol Range Facility has the following ranges available:

Range #1 50 target Known Distance Rifle Range with 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 600 and 1000 yard firing lines.
Range #1A Battle Sight Zero (BZO) Range.
Range #1B Unknown Distance Range for training Individual Training Standard #11.
Range #2 50 target Known Distance Pistol Range with 7, 15, 25 and 50 yard firing lines.
Range #2A Moving Target Pistol Range.
Range #2B Close Combat Pistol Range utilizes electronically controlled M31 target mechanisms (pop up targets).
Range #2C Multipurpose Shotgun Range (primarily for use by Military Police).

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