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Check In Locations & Information
Welcome to 29 Palms. Please read over the following information before you arrive.


Check-In Locations

The Uniform for check in during summer season is service "A" or service "C" and during the winter season is service "A"


USMC Officers - Officer Assignments, Bldg. 1459, Phone (760) 830-7348.
USMC Enlisted - Bldg. 1459, Phone (760) 830-7110/4391.

Between 0730-1600 Mon-Fri
USN Officers and Enlisted assigned to USN UIC 67399,  to check in with your assigned USMC unit: HQBn (MCC 015), Bldg. 1459; TTECG (CC UKT), Bldg. 1587; MCCES (MCC K18), Bldg. 1865. Additional check-in required at the Naval Hospital for USN personnel for pay and personnel processing. For more info, call the Combat Center Personnel Office (760) 830-1800/4248.

After hours, weekends, and holidays
All personnel - Bldg. 1459, HQBn OOD, Phone (760) 830-6806/6506 (If no duty personnel are present, report to the OOD in Bldg/Barracks 1608); MCAGCC CDO, Bldg. 1554, Room #114A, Phone (760) 830-6157. Ensure your orders are annotated by the OOD for date and time of arrival. Report as indicated to above NLT 0730 the next working day.

All Division Units: 7th Marines, 3/11, 3rd LAR

Between 0730-1600 Mon-Fri
Bldg. 1538, 2nd Floor, phone (760)830-4882

After hours, weekends, and holidays
Bldg. 1538, 1st Floor, phone (760) 830-5824 (Regimental Duty Officer)


All hours
Bldg. 1640, phone (760) 830-6792 SDO (Squadron Duty Officer)

MCCES - All permanent personnel and students

Between 0730-1600 Mon-Fri
Bldg. 1865, phone (760) 830-6917

After hours, weekends, and holidays
Bldg. 1664, 3rd Floor, phone (760) 830-6157


Between 0730-1600 Mon-Fri
Bldg. 1537, 2nd Floor, phone (760) 830-6310

After hours, weekends, and holidays
Bldg. 1537, 1st Floor, phone (760) 830-5134


Between 0730-1600 Mon-Fri
Bldg. 1982-1 or 1982-TR1, phone (760) 830-3624

After hours, weekends, and holidays
Bldg. 1982-1 or 1982-TR1, phone (760) 830-1752

Required Documents

  • All Original Orders
  • Receipts for travel claim
  • Dependent information (if not currently in DEERS)
    1. Birth Certificate/Supporting Docs
    2. Marriage License/Divorce decree
  • Certified copy Pg 3 & dependency application (Housing)
  • Medical Record
  • Dental Record
  • Personal Weapon Registration
  • Car Registration/Proof of Insurance

Welcome Aboard Packages

Services offered for inbound customers:

  • Welcome Aboard Packages (WAPs) covering the particulars of the Combat Center, the local community, and other Tri-State attractions and events are electronically sent to inbound service and/or family members upon request. Please check with your local I & R office for details on how to request a WAP.
  • If a sponsor is requested, we will be happy to forward the request on to the gaining unit.
  • Upon arrival, loan locker kits (enough kitchenware to set up light housekeeping) are available for a short-term (one month maximum) loan.
  • The program also acts as a clearinghouse for any unanswered questions inbound personnel may have regarding the Combat Center or local communities.
  • A Welcome Aboard presentation is available to all newly joined service members and/or family members, upon request.
Information & Referral with Relocation Services (I&R)

Phone 760-830-6344
Location Bldg. 1526 (Career Resource Office)
Hours Monday through Friday 0730 - 1600
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms