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Marine Corps Engineer School
MCES Mobile Training Cadre

Marine Corps Engineering School

MCES Mobile Training Cadre (MTC) provides the Marine Corps with standardized C-IED Defeat the Device (DtD) training. The MTC provides commanders with a flexible and responsive training resource that can be delivered at a Home Station Training Lane or other location that is convenient to the unit.

This training meets all pre-deployment theater entry requirements for C-IED Defeat the Device training (CTC 1-6) directed by MCO 3502.9 and specified in NAVMSG 051429Z MAY 17


CTC-1 C-IED Basic Skills (12 hrs)*

CTC-2 Employ IED Detection Equipment (7.5 hrs)*

CTC-3 Employ CREW Equipment (8 hrs)*

CTC-4 Site Exploitation And Identity Dominance (24 hrs)*

CTC-5 C-IED Leader Skills and Enabler (16 hrs)*

CTC-6 Manage CREW Program (21.5 hrs)*

PREREQUISITE TRAINING MCES instructors integrate enablers (metal detectors, CREW systems, robots) in the practical application portion of CTC-1. Units are therefore encouraged to send selected Marines to CTCs 2 & 3 prior to executing CTC-1 practical application. Familiarization and proficiency with enablers significantly enhances the training benefit derived from practical application.

SUSTAINMENT TRAINING Units may request support with establishing training scenarios and evaluating execution of skills and knowledge learned during initial training and refined during unit training. Support can be scheduled to take place at HSTLs or during any battalion or company FEX.

C-IED INTEGRATION AT MWTC IED scenarios for integration during Mountain Exercise as well as C-IED evaluations are available to units as they train at MWTC. C-IED training support at MWTC is sustainment training and should follow sufficient initial training executed at a unit’s home station.

THREAT BRIEFS Current Geographic Combatant Command AO specific threat briefs, SIPR or NIPR, are available on request. For brief in conjunction with CTC training, request on TSR; outside CTC training, contact Intel SME.

* Hours can be adjusted based on unit requirements.

Locations and Contacts

Counter IED Training (CTC 1-6)

Location: Range 800 AAR Facility

Hours: 0730 - 1630, Monday through Friday

Site Lead: (760) 310-4164


Network Engagement Training (CTC 7-8)

Location: Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group

Site Lead: (760) 830-3984


A/CS Training 760-830-6492
Deputy A/CS 760-830-7962
Operations Officer 760-830-4230
Deputy Operations Officer 760-830-4737
Service Level Training Officer 760-830-7081
Deputy Service Level Training Officer 760-830-3431
Admin Officer 760-830-1830

Scheduling can be done by phone in a few minutes. Information the staff will need includes:

  • Unit name
  • Course requested
  • Number of personnel to be trained
  • Dates and times desired
  • POC (generally the Chief or OIC for the training group)

Scheduling should be done at least 2 to 4 weeks prior, but the staff can accept shorter notice requests. For a full list of available courses and dates, please contact the Site Lead.

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms