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Anisia Rios is a 7-year-old Girl Scout with a prowess of selling cookies and planning for the future.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Lauren Kurkimilis

Women’s History Month: Anisia rios

22 Mar 2013 | Lance Cpl. Lauren Kurkimilis

OK Anisia, are you ready?


Are you nervous?


No? Not even a little bit.

Not even a little bit.

OK then. Do you know what we’re doing here today?

Yeah, you're going to ask me a bunch of questions about me and put it in the paper and my pictures too.

Yep. That's right. It's for the paper on base.

I know. You're a Marine.

You got it. Now tell me about yourself.

Well, I go to school and see my friends and I do cheer leading, dance and tumbling and Girl Scouts. I think I'm going to do tennis too.

Wow. That's a lot of stuff. How do you do it all?

I don't know. My mom drives me a lot and sometimes my dad too.

I bet you learn a lot though.

Yeah, I can do my split on my left foot and on my right foot I'm half way there. I can cartwheel too.

I heard you just learned that.

It was really hard at first, but I kept practicing and now I can do a lot of cartwheels.

Well, practice makes perfect, doesn't it?


What would you say your favorite kind of dance is? Ballet? Jazz?

Hip hop! I like the moves a lot and the music is really cool.

What are some of the cool things you get to do in Girl Scouts?

We go to cool places and we do a lot of art projects and we have parties like for Halloween. We used to have a lot of Daises, like 4 or 5, but now soon we're almost all going to be Brownies.

Yeah? Did you start off as a Daisy or  a Brownie?

A Daisy. I also like that we went ice skating!

Ice skating? Was that your first time?

Yeah. It was really hard but then I went in the middle and kept trying and trying until I got a hang of it.

Wow, I never learned to ice skate until I was 18.

Really? That's a long time.

I know. I'm from Florida. Not a lot of people ice skate there.

Yeah it's like really hot there too.

Oh yeah. Now, your mom tells me you're really good at

selling cookies.

I am, I sold 1,250 cookies.

Cookies or boxes of cookies?

Boxes of cookies.

Holy cow! Since you've been in Girl Scouts?

No, this year!

Oh my goodness, that is a lot of cookies!

Yeah I know.

How did you manage to sell all those cookies?

Well, I'd sell outside the commissary and the PX and I go like this, “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies? They're $4 a box or 5 for $20.

Twenty is a nice even number. I bet people buy five boxes a lot.

Yeah, and that way they don't have to get any change. And sometimes if they're Marines, I go like this.

You salute?


I bet that works every time, huh?

Sometimes yeah.

Why do you think they say yes?

Because of my cute little face.

Man oh man, you've got it down pat, huh?

Yeah. I've been top cookie seller for the past three years in a row.

Well, I'm impressed. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Um, I think a cheerleading coach or a tumbling teacher.

Those both sounds like a lot of fun.

Yeah, I think so too.

What do you think you'll like about teaching.

Well, I like learning how to do a lot of new stuff, so I think that I'll like teaching other people the things I know.

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