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To ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time in support of the mission of MAGTFTC/MCAGCC. This office supports our customers by acquiring, developing, motivating, and maintaining civilian human resources necessary for successful accomplishment of our mission.

Civilian Human Resources proudly serves employees and managers of MAGTFTC/MCAGCC/MCCES in Twentynine Palms, CA, MCMWTC in Bridgeport, CA, EWTGLANT in Virginia Beach, VA, EWTGPAC in Coronado, CA, and MAWTS in Yuma, AZ.

CHRO Resources

Take 5 - April CHRO Newsletter

Termination of Civilian Retiree ID Card: Fact Sheet

Civilian Employee Assistance Program Brochure

DOD Performance Management Toolkit

MyIDP (Individual Development Plan) User Guide

Professional Development Information

MyBiz+/DCPDS System Access Request Form for Supervisors of Civilian Employees

This is an annual notice to inform you that 5 U.S.C. 7114(a)(3) requires federal agencies to annually inform bargaining unit employees of their rights to representation under 5 U.S.C. 7114(a)(2)(B).

5 U.S.C. 7114(a)(2)(B) which provides that an exclusive representative of an appropriate unit in an agency shall be given the opportunity to be represented at any examination of an employee in the unit by a representative of the agency in connection with an investigation if the employee reasonably believes that the examination may result in disciplinary action against the employee and the employee requests representation.

The Weingarten right is generally implicated in all examinations of employees in the unit in connection with an investigation that are carried out by an agency official whether the agency official is a management official in the employee’s chain of command or – in a broader context – some other representative of the agency such as internal security, command evaluation or certain inspector general (IG) staff. The examination provision, however, requires that the employee must reasonably believe that the examination may result in disciplinary action against her/him and the employee must request representation, unless the agency has negotiated a provision that requires action from the agency that exceeds statutory requirements.

We are also reminded that 5 U.S.C. 7114(a)(2)(A) provides that an exclusive representative of an appropriate unit in an agency shall be given the opportunity to be represented at any formal discussion between one or more representatives of the agency and one or more employees in the unit or their representatives concerning any grievance or any personnel policy or practices or other general conditions of employment. Not to be confused with the Weingarten right, there is no annual notice requirement for this statutory provision; however, we need to remain diligent in its observation.

Generally, fact-finding or investigative interviews involving formal EEO complaints (whether by contractor or government employee) and ADR sessions and/or settlement discussions involving formal EEO complaints should be treated as formal discussions in the above labor relations context and the union should be invited to attend in the absence of other agreed upon arrangements. Exceptions to the general rule should be determined on a case-by-case basis and are likely to be rare.

Commandant of the Marine Corps Diversity Statement

Commandant of the Marine Corps Equal Opportunity Statement

MCAGCC Commanding General's Policy Letters

MCAGGC Commanding General's Policy Statements

Covid-19 Fraud Hotline

Days of Remembrance 2024 DEOMI Press Release

DON CEAP Suicide Awareness

DON Workplace Anti-Harassment Policy Statement

DON Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement

Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Process

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Fire Bill Poster

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Hatch Act

Know Your Rights When Reporting Wrongs

Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination is Illegal - EEOC

OSHA Annual Summary - Form 300

Prohibited Personnel Practices - OSC Poster

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR)

Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

Unsafe or Unhealthful Working Conditions Reporting Form

Weingarten Employee Notice

Whistleblower Protection/Prohibited Personnel Practices - OSC Memo

Whistleblowing - OSC Poster

Worker's Compensation

Your Rights as a Federal Employee

Employee Development
Assessment tools for employees and supervisors can help identify employees’ potential and assess their ability to become successful leaders. These tools can identify strengths and weaknesses and guide employees through developmental activities to progressively increase leadership potential. We encourage you to take advantage of these and other assessment tools to help you as you chart your career path.

Career Planning
The Individual Development Plan (IDP) helps employees and supervisors plan and chart progress in career development. The IDP serves as a blueprint to help you identify career objectives and assess what you need to do to progress. An IDP helps an employee and supervisor create a system of checks and balances, it improves morale, and it increases job and organizational performance. The IDP is a living document that you update, revise, and adjust as you gain experience. It also helps you adjust your career path as your developmental needs change. Your IDP is tailored to your learning objectives and competencies; it includes milestones you set to help guide you in your career development choices.

Local training announcements are sent out as training is scheduled.

Note: When requesting classes, each employee is responsible for obtaining supervisory approval prior to registering for any training.

Pay Systems
Employees will fall into one of the following pay systems:

For information about pay and leave, visit the Office of Personnel Management Pay and Leave webpage.

Each pay system has its own pay tables and pay-setting rules. More information about these pay systems can be found on the Office of Personnel Management website.

Employee Leave
Leave refers to paid or unpaid time when an employee is absent from work. Leave is an essential component of a federal employee’s total rewards package, and it is an essential tool for managers and supervisors.

Leave can be planned or unplanned; approved or disapproved; paid or unpaid; and some other forms. Normally, an employee requests leave; however, under certain circumstances, management can require leave. Various types of leave for various situations are available for employees.

Policy on leave in the Federal government is set by law and regulations. Managers and supervisors responsible for approving or disapproving leave should be aware of statutory and regulatory requirements on granting or denying leave. Because leave can affect compensation, policy guidance can be found at the Office of Personnel Management and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

A designation of beneficiary is a legal document outlining how benefits will be paid in the event of your death. Benefits for life insurance, retirement, Thrift Savings Plan, and unpaid compensation are automatically distributed in the following order of precedence:

  • First, to your widow or widower.

  • Second, to your child or children, with the share of any deceased child distributed among descendants of that child.

  • Third, if none of the above, to your parents in equal shares or the entire amount to your surviving parent.

  • Fourth, if none of the above, to the executor or administrator of your estate.

  • Fifth, if none of the above, to your other next of kin as determined under the laws of the State where you lived.

An exception to the order of precedence is for Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI). If you assigned ownership of your FEGLI, benefits will be paid:

  • First, to the beneficiaries designated by your assignees, if any.

  • Second, if there is no beneficiary, to your assignees.

If you did not assign FEGLI ownership and there is a valid court order on file, benefits will be paid according to that court order. You are not required to complete a designation of beneficiary form if you want your benefits distributed according to the order of precedence. If you want benefits paid to someone else or in a different order, you must designate a beneficiary.

If you complete a designation of beneficiary form, you are responsible for ensuring that it remains accurate. Benefits will be paid based on a valid designation, regardless of whether that designation still reflects your intentions.

You should review your beneficiary designation whenever you have a significant change in your life, such as a marriage, divorce, or death. A divorce does not invalidate a designation that names your former spouse as beneficiary; you must complete a new designation form. You should file a new form whenever there is a change in a beneficiary’s address or name.



Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)
Complete an SF 2823, Designation of Beneficiary, FEGLI. If the SF 2823 does not have enough room for you to list all your beneficiaries, write "See attached" in Part B of the SF 2823 and complete CBC 12870-19, Attachment to SF 2823 with the additional names. The same witnesses should witness both of your signatures and sign both the SF 2823 and the CBC 12870-19. Mail to:
OCHR Norfolk Operations Center
ATTN: Civilian Benefits Center
Norfolk Naval Shipyard Building 17
Portsmouth, VA 23709-1005

Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)
Complete an SF 2808, Designation of Beneficiary, CSRS. Mail to:
U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Retirement Operations Center
P.O. Box 45
Boyers, PA 16017-0045

Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)
Complete an SF 3102, Designation of Beneficiary, FERS. Mail to:
OCHR Norfolk Operations Center
ATTN: Civilian Benefits Center
Norfolk Naval Shipyard Building 17
Portsmouth, VA 23709-1005

Thrift Savings Plan
Adding and updating one or more beneficiaries to your TSP account online is easy to do and only takes a few minutes online. Before you get started, be sure to have the Social Security number, full name, birth date, and address of each beneficiary. If your beneficiary is a trust, an estate, or another organization, you'll need to know the trustee's, executor's, or business's information. Please visit

Unpaid Compensation
Complete an SF 1152, Designation of Beneficiary, Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Civilian Employee. Mail to:
OCHR Norfolk Operations Center
ATTN: Civilian Benefits Center
Norfolk Naval Shipyard Building 17
Portsmouth, VA 23709-1005

Designation of a Recipient of the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act Death Gratuity Payment under Section 1105 of Public Law 110-181 (Section 8102a). Designates distribution of the death gratuity payment of up to $100,000 when a Federal civilian employee dies of injuries incurred in connection with his or her service with an Armed Force in a contingency operation.

Complete a CA-40 Designation of a Recipient of the Federal Employees' Compensation Act Death Gratuity Payment. Read the instructions on the form carefully since they are different from other beneficiary forms. Mail to:
OCHR Norfolk Operations Center
ATTN: Civilian Benefits Center
Norfolk Naval Shipyard Building 17
Portsmouth, VA 23709-1005

Administers dental and vision (FEDVIP), flexible spending (FSAFEDS), and long term care (FLTCIP) programs.

Civilian Benefits Center
Explore the broad array of benefits programs and family friendly flexibilities offered by the DON.

Civilian Employee Assistance Program
CEAP offers a variety of services, resources, and tools to help make life a little easier.

Manage your account, file a claim, download the app, and much more.

GRB Platform
Automated, secure, self-service Web application that allows employees to make health insurance, life insurance, and Thrift Savings Plan contribution elections, review general and personal benefits information, and calculate retirement estimates. GRB can only be accessed from a .mil, .edu or .gov environment and using your DoD Common Access Card (CAC).

OPM Healthcare & Benefits
Find information on health and other insurance programs, including the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB), the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program, and more.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
TSP is a retirement benefit similar to 401(k) plans available to many private-sector employees. The purpose of TSP is to give you the ability to participate in a long-term savings and investment plan. The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board administers TSP and contracts with various private-sector companies to provide recordkeeping services.

If you are covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), TSP is an integral part of the retirement package, along with your FERS basic annuity and Social Security. TSP is especially important to FERS employees because the formula used to compute a FERS basic annuity is less generous than the formula used to compute a Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) annuity.

Regardless of your retirement system, participating in TSP can significantly increase your retirement income, but starting early is important. Contributing early gives the money in your account more time to increase in value through the compounding of earnings.

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

Workers Compensation Resources
ECOMP - The Employees' Compensation Operations & Management Portal
Federal Employees' Compensation Program
Form CA-1 Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/Compensation
Form CA-2 Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation

Federal agencies use USAJOBS to host job openings and match qualified applicants to those jobs.

Getting Started
Create a USAJOBS account, then upload your resume(s) and supporting documents to your account.

The benefits to using USAJOBS are

  • You can store up to five distinct resumes

  • The site is spell-check capable

  • You have the ability to upload your attachments and resumes

  • You can store up to 25 job interests

  • Email notification of job postings are sent regularly

  • You can submit documents via fax, hardcopy, online


Applicant Information

Early Eligibility

Fact Sheet USA Staffing Applicant Documentation

Employee Notice USA Staffing Applicant Documentation

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management website can give you more information on veterans’ preference in hiring. Below are a few guidelines.

You are a 5 point preference eligible if your active duty service meets any of the following:

  • 180 or more consecutive days, any part of which occurred during the period beginning September 11, 2001 and ending on a future date prescribed by Presidential proclamation or law as the last date of Operation Iraqi Freedom, OR

  • Between August 2, 1990 and January 2, 1992, OR

  • 180 or more consecutive days, any part of which occurred after January 31, 1955 and before October 15, 1976, OR

  • In a war, campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized or between April 28, 1952 and July 1, 1955.

You are a 10 point preference eligible if you served at any time, and you:

  • have a service connected disability, OR

  • received a Purple Heart.

If you are still unsure on your ability to claim veterans' preference eligibility, you may also visit the Department of Labor's Veterans' Preference Advisor.

If you are prior active but not retired you are able to have your prior active duty added to your civil service time for leave purposes and federal length of service awards.

  • Please provide our HR office a copy of your DD214 member 4 copy if you haven’t done this already.

  • If you are interested in having your active duty time count towards your federal service retirement, please fill out the attached RI-20-97 and provide this to our HR office.

If you are a military retiree you are able to have your campaign and expeditions count towards your civil service time for leave purposes and federal length of service awards.

  • Please provide our HR office a copy of your DD214 member 4 copy and fill out the attached SF813 form.

EEO Complaint Process
Any current employee, applicant for employment, or former employee of Headquarters Marine Corps and Serviced Commands who believe he or she has been discriminated against because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age (over 40), physical or mental disability, or reprisal is entitled to consult an EEO counselor to try to resolve the matter.

The matter must be brought to the attention of an EEO counselor within 45 calendar days from the date the alleged act occurred, the effective date of an alleged discriminatory personnel action, or the date that the individual knew or reasonably should have known that it occurred.

The EEO counselor is required to make whatever inquiries are necessary to seek a solution to the matter on an informal basis. Individuals have the right to remain anonymous during the informal counseling state. If, after 30 days, the counselor is unable to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the individual involved, the counselor will conduct a final interview meeting. The counselor will inform the individual in writing of his or her right to file a formal complaint, the applicable time requirements, and the names and addresses of officials authorized to receive formal complaints and discrimination.

If you are a current employee, applicant for employment, or a former employee, you may contact the EEO counselor at APF (760) 725-3845 or NAF (760) 830-6597 to initiate informal EEO counseling.

EEO Documents
Equal Employment Opportunity Statement
EEO Poster

MyBIZ+ for Employees
Employees may view personnel information, including current and historical appointments, position, personal, salary, benefits, awards and bonuses, education, training, some certifications and licenses, performance and Notification of Personnel Actions. In addition, employees can view Emergency Contact Information.

You may use My Biz to update your work telephone number, work email address, physical work address, disability codes, Ethnicity and Race Identification (ERI), emergency contact information, education, training, some certificates and licenses, awards, foreign language proficiency, and training information.

** You can use My Biz for employment verification **

Once you receive your SMART Card, navigate to the DCPDS Portal to access My Biz. Navigate to 'Smart Card Access', First Time Smart Card user section. Select the "Register" button and follow the steps to register your Smart Card and log in.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a possible option for those wishing to resolve disputes and problems outside of traditional methods.


Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP)
This program allows civilian employees to transfer unused, accrued annual leave to another civilian employee who has a medical emergency.

Medical emergency is defined as a medical condition of an employee or an employee’s family member that requires the employee’s absence from work for a prolonged period of time and results in a substantial loss of income to an employee because of unavailability of paid leave.

leave recipient is a current employee who has been approved by the VLTP Administrator to receive annual leave from annual leave accounts of one or more donors. To be a leave recipient in the VLTP, an employee:

  • Must be affected by a medical emergency.

  • Must have used all of their annual and sick leave and be on LWOP or expect to be on LWOP at least 24 hours.

  • Must complete a Leave Recipient form OPM 630, Leave Request form OPM 71 and attach medical documentation to support their request and submit all documentation to their supervisor.

To be a leave donor an employee:

  • Must submit an OPM 630A (Within Agency) or OPM 630B (Outside Agency) – Request to Donate Annual Leave to Leave Recipient under the VLTP.

  • Attach a copy of employee’s latest LES.

  • Submit application and LES to the Human Resources Office.

VLTP forms can be found at U.S. Office of Personnel Management


Transportation Incentive Program (TIP)
TIP provides valuable incentives for ride sharing to and from work in the 29 Palms, Bridgeport and China Lake areas.

Active duty military, Civil Service Employees and NAF (MCCS) employees are eligible to participate in this program which subsidizes the cost of transportation to and from work through a voucher program. These vouchers are received the first week of every quarter by the employee/ service member and are turned over to the van pool company or MBTA, depending on their mode of transportation. Individuals may only receive funding for the Van Pool Voucher or for the Bus Voucher program, not both.

Van Pool Voucher Program: Participants receive up to $125 per month to cover their expenses incurred through participating in a van pool program. The two van pool programs currently authorized by the Department of Transportation in San Bernardino County are VPSI and Enterprise.

Bus Voucher Program: Participants receive up to $30 per month to cover their expenses incurred through riding a Morongo Basin Transit Authority bus to and from work.

Ride Share Program: Through a partnership with Inland Empire 511, all residents within San Bernardino county, Western Riverside county, and the Coachella Valley are eligible to participate in the two programs that fall under Ride Share.

Ride Share: For the first three months an individual ride shares (shares a car, takes a bus or van pools to or from work or telecommutes from home) they track the days they share a ride to/ from work, the days they don't work, and the days they drive alone. For every day that the individual ride shares within the first three months they are eligible to receive $2 on a Stater Bros gift card. Everyone that is in the car is eligible to receive the gift card.

Ride Share Plus: After the first three months of ride sharing individuals are eligible to become a member of Ride Share Plus. This program provides participating individuals with a coupon book and access to special online coupons nation-wide at over 300,000 merchants for buy-one-get-one half off, free items, percentages off, etc. Individuals should renew yearly to maintain this benefit to ride sharing. 

Since these programs are funded through special initiatives, there is no guarantee that funding will remain available from year-to-year, however, they do provide a great incentive while they are available. For more information on how you can become involved call 760-830-7634.

TIP is governed by SECNAV192056Z APR 01 and ALNAV 038/01.


My Biz+  View current record of employment and verification of employment. My Pay is an on-line system that allows you to view your Leave and Earnings Statement, print W2s and make certain pay changes such as; changes to Federal and State Tax, direct deposit, address, allotments, LES delivery, savings bonds and PIN.

Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS)  Employee self-service site. Update your information, locate training, access SF50s and work history.

Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) Timekeeping system


Verification of Military Retiree Service (SF 813)


Application for 10 point preference (SF 15)


Request for Personnel Action (SF 52)  This form can be used to resign or retire. Just fill out the highlighted sections on the form. Have your supervisor sign in block 6 under Part A. Turn this form into HRO.

Authorization, Agreement, and Certification of Training (SF 182)

Continued Service Agreement Template

Academic Courses and Certificates Agreement Template

MCAGCC CG Civilian Honorary Award Nomination Form

IRS Forms

OPM Forms Management Program

OPM Standard Forms

OPM Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Forms

OPM Retirement and Insurance Forms


Defense Finance Accounting Service

Department of Labor Veteran's Preference Advisor

DoD Civilian Personnel Management Service

OPM List of Federal Holidays

Federal Times

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

OPM FERS Election Opportunities

Request Military Records

Office of Special Counsel

Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)

Generally, you are covered by FERS if you were first hired in a retirement covered position after December 31, 1983.

If you want to apply for voluntary retirement, you should submit your retirement documents 120 days before the date you would like your retirement to be effective.

Download the OPM Retirement Quick Guide - A Reference for for Voluntary Retirement to help you prepare for and navigate the voluntary retirement process.

Action Required to Apply for Voluntary Retirement (FERS)

You must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Age and length of service:
    • Age 62 with 5 years of service or
    • Age 60 with 20 years of service or
    • Minimum Retirement Age (MRA) with 30 years of service
  2. Have 5 years of creditable civilian service.
  3. Separate from a position subject to FERS coverage.

Complete the SF 3107, Application for Immediate Retirement and contact the Benefits Line at 1-888-320-2917. Select option 4 to request a retirement counselor.

FERS Minimum Retirement Age (MRA)

The FERS Minimum Retirement Age (MRA) is the earliest age at which you may retire with an immediate annuity after 10 to 29 years of service or with an unreduced annuity after 30 years of service. The MRA is based on your year of birth and ranges from 55 to 57.


Year of Birth Minimum Retirement Age
Before 1948 55 years
1948 55 years and 2 month
1949 55 years and 4 months
1950 55 years and 6 months
1951 55 years and 8 months
1952 55 years and 10 months
1953-1964 56 years
1965 56 years and 2 months
1966 56 years and 4 months
1967 56 years and 6 months
1968 56 years and 8 months
1969 56 years and 10 months
1970 or later 57 years

Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)

Generally, you are covered by CSRS if:

  • You were first hired in a retirement covered position prior to January 1, 1984 and have been continuously employed since then and have not requested to change over to FERS.
  • You were covered by CSRS, had a break in service, and were rehired within 365 day to a CSRS covered position.

Action required to Apply for Early Voluntary Retirement (CSRS)

You must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Age and length of service:
    • Age 50 with 20 years of service or
    • Any age with 25 years of service 
  2. Have 5 years of creditable civilian service.
  3. Separate from a position subject to CSRS coverage.
  4. Be covered by CSRS for at least 1 year within the 2-year period immediately preceding separation.

Complete the SF 2801, Application for Immediate Retirement and call the Benefits Line at 1-888-320-2917. Select option 4 to request a retirement counselor.

Congratulations on choosing a career with the Federal Government. As a civil servant employee you will find your job both challenging and rewarding. Before your first day there are a number of administrative matters to attend to as well as discovering more about your new place of work. Ensure that you work closely with your Human Resources Rep to complete the pre-employment paperwork at Onboarding, an on-line system which assists you in completing required pre-employment paperwork. You will receive an email invitation to Onboarding.

OPM New Employee Benefits Information


The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) is the United States Marine Corps' largest base. It is a census-designated place officially known as Twentynine Palms Base, located adjacent to the city of Twentynine Palms in southern San Bernardino County, California.

The MCAGCC mission is to conduct relevant live-fire combined arms training, urban operations, and Joint/Coalition level integration training that promotes operational forces readiness as well as to provide the facilities, services and support responsive to the needs of resident organizations, Marines, Sailors and their families today and tomorrow.


Twentynine Palms, including the Marine Base, has a population of about 25,000. The Marine Base is the City's northernmost neighborhood. Southwest travelers know this growing oasis in the Morongo Basin as a gateway to the scenic 558,000 acre Joshua Tree National Park, and as a restful stopover on State Highway 62 between Los Angeles and the aquatic playground areas of the Colorado River. Reasonable land prices, clean air, modern conveniences, golf courses and parks, plus aviation facilities and pleasant year-round living conditions are among enticements that draw new residents to Twentynine Palms. Hot, arid summers and invigorating but mild winters in Twentynine Palms mark the location as a mecca for those seeking a healthful climate.

Civilian Human Resources Office 760-830-7704
Department of Navy Civilian Benefits Center 888-320-2917
Department of Navy Civilian Employee Assistance Program 844-366-2327
Department of Navy Employment Information Center 800-378-4559
Find Navy and Marine Corps jobs
Defense Civilian Careers
Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF)
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms