Cyber Security Division
Communications Directorate

Cyber Security Division

Protect and defend Government information from vulnerabilities and cyberattacks, by ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication, authorization, and non-repudiation, in support of information systems for MAGTFTC/MCAGCC.

  • Confidentiality: protection from unauthorized access
  • Integrity: objects are only modified by authorized subjects
  • Availability: prevention of data loss, timely and uninterrupted access to objects
  • Authentication: verifies/validates the identity
  • Authorization: granting access
  • Non-Repudiation: cannot deny an activity or event

All users are required to complete annual cyber awareness training in order to obtain and maintain access to the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (NCEN).

Marines are required to complete MarineNet CYBERM0000

Contractors are required to complete MarineNet CYBERC

Government civilian employees and foreign national civilians are required to complete the TWMS Cyber Awareness Challenge and the PII Awareness Training.

Authorized users without DoD issued PKI certificates will complete the DISA Cyber Awareness Challenge course and the Identifying and Safeguarding PII course.

In addition to the training above, access to the MCEN-S requires the completion of the Derivative Classification course.

The Marine Corps Cyber Security Order is MCO 5239.2B

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Cyber Security Assistance

To request assistance for any matter concerning Cyber Security, contact the Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) by calling (760) 830-0099 or contact the Service Desk at (760) 830-7141.

Cyber Security (760) 830-0099

Service Desk (760) 830-7141

CTR/ITSM Base Units (760) 830-5176/1690/3500

CTR/ISM OpForces (760) 830-4657/3230

ISC Program Manager (760) 830-7141

Operations Officer (760) 830-4066

Telephone Contact the Service Desk


Admin (760) 830-0722

MCEN Support (877) 739-5724

For new infrastructure - jack or cabling - submit a Maximo ticket through Public Works

Commercial (760) 830-6271
DSN 230-6271

Bldg. 1986 10th Street

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