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Legal Assistance Office Mission

The Legal Assistance Office is tasked with providing free legal services to active duty military members, retired military members, reserve military members on active orders, and their lawful dependents. The Legal Assistance team are available to assist eligible clients with a variety of legal issues including, notaries, power of attorney, wills, and other matters listed below. 

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 Additional West Coast Legal Assistance Offices
 Alleged Misconduct

If you have questions regarding any of the following issues:

  • Page 11s
  • 6105s
  • NJP
  • Courts-martial
  • Or any other alleged misconduct

The MCAGCC Twentynine Palms Defense Services Office (DSO) will be able to provide assistance. Please contact Defense Services at 760- 830-5271. The office is located in building 1428.

Defense Services Walk-In Hours
Tuesday and Thursday, 1300 – 1600.

Defense Reception Area
Monday - Friday, 0730-1600

Contact Number:

DSN: 230-65271

 Consumer Law

The Legal Assistance Office at MCAGCC Twentynine Palms is able to provide guidance to individuals with legal problems with theft or fraudulent use of credit card, landlord/ tenant issues, contracts, and billing errors.

Walk-in hours are every Tuesday and Thursday from 0800-1100 where you may speak to an attorney. Please bring any paperwork related to your legal issue.

*Military Attorneys are unable to represent clients out in town.

 Family Law

Parties considering marital dissolution must attend our Divorce Brief held every Wednesday at 0800 in building 1514 before receiving any paperwork.

Download a Dissolution Brief

California Divorce Information:

 Location and Hours

Location Building 1514, across from the base theatre (Sunset Cinema) and between the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) and Frontline Bank.

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 0800 - 1600

Contact Number: 760-830-6111, DSN: 230-6111

 Matters Legal Assistance Does Not Handle


  • Bankruptcy
  • Civilian Restraining Orders
  • Matters against the Armed Forces or Government Entities

Legal Assistance can notarize documents Monday - Friday from 0800 -1600.

Please be advised that we are not able to certify true copies of public, registered or court documents unless we view the original copy. Examples: Birth certificates, marriage licenses, court orders, grant deeds, etc.

Before coming down to our office, please be aware that your unit’s CO, XO, Admin Officer, Legal Officer, Assistant Legal Officer, or any O-4 and above have the ability to notarize documents.

Duties and Responsibilities Form

Certificate of Training and Authorization to Perform

USMC Notary Training Slides

 Power of Attorney

Vehicle Power of Attorney grants another person Special Power of Attorney for vehicle except to sell the vehicle.

Special Power of Attorney Children (in Loco Parentis) allows others to act in your place as a caregiver.

Special Power of Attorney (SPOA) grants another person to manage a specific power you have assigned on behalf of your absence.

General Power of Attorney (GPOA) grants another person to manage anything on behalf of your absence (not recommend).

Will and Power of Attorney Short Form Brief

Powers of Attorney Brief

*ALL Power of Attorneys have a maximum expiration date of one year and must be signed in front of a notary*

 Pre-Deployment Brief

Pre-deployment briefs are offered as needed by the unit. At least a week prior notice is requested. Contact the Legal Assistance Office at 760-830-6111 for additional information.

 Tax Center

The most current tax center information can be found in the link below.


Legal Assistance can assist in preparing basic wills, durable financial power of attorney, and healthcare directives. If you would like a will, please fill out the will worksheet with the link provided below. Once completed, turn the worksheet into the Legal Assistance office. An appointment will be made to execute your will once the will has been drafted.

Will Worksheet

Citizenship and Immigration

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 Additional Documents

Additional required documents as applicable.


Dependency NAVMC 10922  

Statement of Service


 Camp Pendleton Legal Assistance Office provides Immigration Services

You must have a valid DOD ID card to attend briefs.


Information concerning the upcoming briefs is below, please read carefully.  If you are applying for naturalization or citizenship you must complete & return the Client Notification form, failure to so you will not be able to attend the brief.  You MUST REGISTER to attend the briefs. Registration must be done by email to Ms. Moreno at on Subject Line put which BRIEF you would like to attend or what TYPE of appointment you are seeking.

IF you’re coming from 29 Palms, MCAS Miramar, 32 Street San Diego please let them know so we can make arrangements. 

The Naturalization/Citizenship Brief is provided Wednesdays only at 0745 and is 1 hour in duration. Doors open at 0730.

The Immigration Brief starts at 0915 and is 2 hours in duration.



You must have ONE of the following:

A green card or

I-94 for Micronesia citizens, US Passport for American Samoa citizens            


Applications & Petitions for Green Cards (must have a visa (Not a Work Permit, but an actual visa such as B1/B2, F1, J1 or a WT)

K1’s (Fiancée must be residing outside the US) *See Notes

Immediate Relative Petitions (must be living outside the U.S.)

Parole in Place (on DACA/No DACA)

Parents – Information Only


Due to COVID-19, seating is limited to ten participants per week, registration ends on Tuesday 1200.  Register by email at  provide full name, phone number and what brief you are interested in attending.  Phone registration will not be taken. 

Out of consideration to others, late comers will be asked to return another day, also we ask you not to register if you’re not sure you will attend.  If you need to cancel, please email me no later than 1300 on Tuesday so we can offer your seat to others on our waiting list.  Your name will be added to attend the following week.

The appointments are scheduled by the Petitioner (US Citizen/Military Member).

Appointments are ONLY scheduled by email; multiple emails are disregarded.

Do not schedule an appointment unless you are ready to file.

Appointments are not meant to be “just to see if I’m doing the form correctly.”


These checklists are for informational use and are subject to change. They are to give the individual a list to gather supporting documents. You will be provided an updated checklist when you make your appointment with either Camp Pendleton or Twentynine Palms Legal Offices.

 Example Documents

Military and Dependent IDs

A copy of your Military ID/dependent ID must be front and back on a single sheet of paper.

For fraud prevention do not copy multiple ID cards on a single sheet of paper.

Do not copy Social Security Cards or Driver License as they are not require for your application.


Photographs (Passport Style Photos)

Make sure the photo presents the full head from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin.

Center the head with the frame.

The person in the photo should have a neutral expression and be facing the camera.

Paper Photo Head Size Template

Photo must be 2 inches by 2 inches.

The height of the head (top of the hair to bottom of chin) should measure 1 inch to 1 3/8 inches (25mm – 35 mm).

Make sure the eye height is between 1 and 1 1/8 inches to 1 3/8 inches (28 mm – 35 mm) form the bottom of the photo.

Well Composed Photo Composition Examples

Cut each photo; Print your First Name, Middle Name, Last Name. If you have A# write the number below your name.

Green Card

The copy of your Green Card must be front and back on a single sheet of paper.

For fraud prevention do not copy multiple ID cards on a single sheet of paper.

Do not copy Social Security Cards or Driver License as they are not require for your application.

U.S Passport Examples including the older version.

The copy of your Passport must be front and back on a single sheet of paper.

For fraud prevention do not copy multiple ID cards on a single sheet of paper.

Passports from outside the United States must have an English translation.

Do not copy Social Security Cards or Driver License as they are not require for your application.


Birth Certificate

Only an original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state, county, municipal authority, or outlying possession of the United States that bears an official seal is acceptable.

Versions will vary by state and year of birth.

Birth certificates or record issued not from the United States will need certified by civil authority in the country of birth and have an English translation.

 File Online

The USCIS office is now accepting electronic applications. Fees are set by the USCIS office. Additional information can be found in the link below.


All forms can be found for FREE at

The most commonly used forms are:         

*All forms should be filled out electronically (TYPED) before submission*

IF you need extra room for your answers include a typed explanation on a separate sheet of paper and provide evidence to support your answers. N-400, N-426 and Fingerprints MUST be completed before submitting the forms.

 Immigration / Citizenship Services

The Twentynine Palms Legal Assistance office provides limited help with immigration issues. We can help you start the process but more detailed help is done at Camp Pendleton Legal Assistance. We recommend that you attend the Camp Pendleton Immigration brief before coming in for assistance with your documents.

Local help is limited to: Military members, lawful dependents (spouse, children, and dependent parents), other family members (informational only).

 Naturalization through Military Service

If you are serving, or have served, in the U.S. armed forces and are interested in becoming a U.S. citizen, you may be eligible to apply for naturalization under special provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

Please click the below link for more information.

Additional Information found on this webpage under “Required Documents”.


For spouse or fiancée petition you must include your Federal Income Tax Returns Transcripts. Not your 1040A or 1040 with your Petition/Application.

Do NOT include your State Tax returns.

Go to and create an account, then print transcripts at no cost to you.

If you are filing the ROC/I-751, Removing the Condition you need Transcripts for the last two (2) years. Plus Items listed in Section A.

If you are filing for Adjustment of Status I-485, you need Transcripts for the last three (3) years. Plus Items listed in Sections A, B, & C.

If you are filing for I-134 for K1, you need Transcripts for the last three (3) years. Plus Items listed in Sections A, B, & C.

If you have not worked for three (3) years, you will need to print the “Letter of Non Filing”.

If you are not able to create an IRS account, you can visit the IRS Office (in the Camp Pendleton area) at Civic Center Dr. Ste. 400, San Marcos, CA 92069 and request your Tax Return Transcripts.

Locate your Personal Statement of Military Compensation from MyPay which is found under the Miscellaneous Tab – Personal Reports.

For Navy Personnel: Provide a Statement of Service with Gross Income (before taxes). This will include Base Pay, BAH, BAS, and Special Pay.

Military ID: Copy of your military ID card Front and Back on a single page.

 Required Documents

**These documents are not required to start the process. However copies may be required to be submitted with your application. Only the N-426 must be the original document to submit application.***

For Active Duty


  • N-400, Application for Naturalization
    • N-426, Request for Certification of Military or Naval Service and Letter from Command [Must be signed by an O-6 (See example)]
    • G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance
    • DOD Referral Letter for Fingerprints
    • Copy of Selective Service Number (Males only ages 18-25)
    • Copy of Legal Permenant Resident Card (Green Card)
      • Front and Back copy on single sheet of paper


  • N-600, Application for Certification of Citizenship
    • N-426 and Letter from Command [Must be signed by an O-6 (See example)
    • G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance
    • DOD Referral Letter for Fingerprints
    • Two USCIS approved Photos (See Examples)
    • Copy of Legal Permeant Resident Card (Green Card)
      • Front and Back copy on single sheet of paper (See Examples)
    • Copy of Certificate of Naturalization from the parent you are filing under
    • Birth Certificate with English Translation
    • For adopted Children – Copy of Final Adoption Order
      • Only required if you were born out of wedlock, your parents have never been married, or your parents are separated/divorced.
    • Statement of Service – Letter from Command [Must be signed by an O-6 (See example)
    • Copy of Military ID Card (CAC)
      • Front and Back copy on single sheet of paper(See Examples)
    • Copy of documents that prove you lived with your US citizen parents

For Family Members

  • N-400, Application for Naturalization
    • G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance
    • G-1450,Authorization for Credit Card Transactions
    • Spouse’s proof of US citizenship UNLESS you have been a Legal Permeant Resident for 5 years.
      • Only one of the following is required:
        • Birth Certificate
        • Current US passport or Naturalization Certificate
    • Copy of Dependent ID Card
      • Front and Back on single sheet of paper
    • Copy of Legal Permeant Resident Card (Green Card)
      • Front and Back copy on single sheet of paper
    • Copies of Federal Tax Return Transcripts for last 3 tax years (See Notes)
    • Copy of Marriage Certificate with English translation
    • As applicable:
      • Copy of Divorce Certificates
      • Copy of Death Certificates
 Unit Resources

Legal life Skills Flyer

Legal Services is now offering a "Legal Life Skills" brief to units. The course is available by request.

Topics covered will include consumer law, car and house purchases, immigration, avoiding scams, and divorce. Specific topics can be covered upon request.

To schedule a "Legal Life Skills" briefing, e-mail

The course target audience is the junior Marine demographic, but the course will be helpful to Marines and Sailors of all ages and ranks. The course is aimed to be preventative maintenance to help personnel avoid difficult situations.


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