Review Section
Legal Services Support Team

Review Section Mission

The Review Section provides post-trial review processing for all courts-martial proceedings held on board MCAGCC. Assistance is provided to local and remote units assigned to Twentynine Palms, Barstow, Camp Pendleton, Miramar, and Yuma.

PERSONNEL: The Review Section currently has a Civilian Review Officer (RO) and 2 enlisted clerks.

HOURS OF OPERATION: 0800-1100 and 1300-1600.

We are closed for PT from 0700-0800 and for Admin time from 1100-1200.

What We Do:

Special and General Courts-Martial (SCM/GCM): We review records of trial and prepare all post-trial documentation for Special and General Courts-Martial before forwarding to the appellate courts. We provide a liaison between units and their remote SJA's as well as the appellate courts. We assist local and remote units with preparation of the post-trial documents and work with NAMARA through the completion of the appellate process.

Summary Courts-Martial (SCM): We review all summary courts-martial for accuracy and provide training to RBE units for processing of these cases. Additionally, we provide a centralized area for maintaining SCM files prior to archiving.

The SCM process is currently the subject of a CPI project to ensure more efficient and accurate processing.

Here is a Summary Court Checklist of the items required to be submitted with all SCM packages.

Appellate Leave: All requests for appellate leave are processed through our office. Units may begin the processing by arranging the separation physical for their Marines prior to their departure from the Brig. Additionally, SEPS and TAP class may be arranged or completed at the Brig.

Here is a Appellate Leave Checklist of the items required to be submitted with all Appellate Leave Requests.

Here is a copy of MCO 1050.16A, the Appellate Leave Order.

NJP Appeals: NJP Appeals are forwarded to the appropriate action authority via our office. NJP Appeals must be received within 5 days after the imposition of punishment. Assistance in writing the NJP appeal may be obtained via Defense Counsel.


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