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Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness Program
Providing the necessary support to successfully meet the challenges of deployment and unit mission.


The Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) is implemented to maintain ready Marines, Sailors attached to Marine Corps units, eligible beneficiaries, and authorized contacts, and equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully meet the challenges of deployment and unit mission.

Uniformed Readiness Coordinator
Office Number: (760) 830-8685
Location: Building 1457
Headquarters Battalion Offices

The program has four tenets it utilizes to support this mission:

Deployment Support. Education, training, and support to Marines and family members during deployment cycles.  As Headquarters Battalion we provide individual augments throughout the Marine Corps, and ensure that they are provided the necessary support to prepare for the hardships of a deployment.

Official Communication. Communication directly from or on behalf of the Commander distributed to the Marine and/or Authorized Contact(s), which conveys information on the unit’s status and protects operations security (OPSEC).

Readiness and Resource Support. Information and training about services, resources, and referrals supporting the personal and family readiness needs of the unit or its members.

Volunteer Management. Coordination of program volunteers.

The Family Readiness Command Team (FRCT) enhances the readiness and support of the UPFRP by reviewing the efforts in support of the four tenets and planning events for the Battalion.

The FRCT is composed of the Commanding Officer, the XO and SgtMaj who collaborate directly with the Uniformed Readiness Coordinator (URC) on personal and family readiness, the Chaplain and the Single Marine Program Representative.

The URC ensures the execution of the four tenets, coordinates with MCCS and other agencies to leverage resources in support of the UPFRP mission, and acts as the communication link between the Commander and Marines and families.

Information for Volunteers


Qualities of Volunteers:

Be supportive of the USMC and the core values of the Corps: Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

Be caring, compassionate, mature, and a good listener.

Be willing to adhere to strict rules of CONFIDENTIALITY.

Be a positive role model.

What are the Volunteer Positions?

Command Advisors & Assistants

Command Advisors and Assistants shall be screened, interviewed, selected and appointed by the commander, and trained by installation MCFTB staff. Their primary mission is to support the URC in their official UPFRP responsibilities (eg. welcoming families, information and referral, providing feedback from families, etc.) To increase effectiveness unit volunteers should be diverse and comprise of both officer and enlisted spouses, as well as parents/extended family members.

Please contact the URC for details on each position offered.






Commanding Officer 760-830-7493
Executive Officer 760-830-7083
Sergeant Major 760-830-6330
BN OOD 760-401-9840
DNCO 760-830-6566
S-1 Office/Adjutant 760-830-7084
S-3 Office 760-830-0735
S-4 Office 760-830-7394
Substance Abuse Control Officer 760-830-1116
Unit Readiness Coordinator 760-830-3511
Alpha Company 760-830-6490
Bravo Company 760-830-5413
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms